New Delhi. Scamsters cutting across party lines have decided to plan and execute a “Khadi Scam” to celebrate the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi. Scamsters say that this would be their tribute to the Father of the Nation.

The scamsters claimed that they were grateful to Gandhiji and other freedom fighters who gave them the opportunity to pocket the loot money that would have otherwise been pocketed by the British rulers.

Gandhiji weaving

Corrupt people believe that a Khadi Scam will help them feel complete Indian

They further claimed that loot by “own people” was better than loot by “foreigners” and hence the common man of India should support them in their planned Khadi Scam.

“Doesn’t the common man condone the crimes committed by people belonging to his own caste or community?” a corrupt person argued, “People shame a poor woman if she’s raped by her relatives, but pour onto streets if the rapist is from a different caste or community.”

“There has been a hate campaign against and we have been stereotyped as ‘others’, but we are a part of this society,” the corrupt person added, “All this gore angrez and kaale angrez talk by this fake Gandhian Anna Hazare is bullshit. We are neither kaala (dark in complexion) nor angrez (Englishman), we are son of this soil and we are proud to be Indians.”

In order to connect with the common man on an “emotional” and “patriotic” level, the scamsters have decided to have a Khadi Scam. The scamsters claim that this will be the first scam that the common man won’t have any problem with.

“Nobody cares about Khadi anyway,” a strategist of the planned Khadi Scam told Faking News, “We are planning to raise fake bills and send non-existent Khadi saaris to people like Poonam Pandey and Sherlyn Chopra free of cost as part of a fake Mahatma Gandhi Khadi Prachar Yojna.”

“People would simply love this scam!” he said, with a hope that corruption will be a non-issue by the next Gandhi Jayanti.

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  • Raj


  • Chota Bheem

    Ha! ha!! ha!!! Man, you are awesome!!! Khadi scam that will be the final nail in India’s coffin.

  • prashanth

    But, what is the utility of sending sarees to Sherlyn and Poonam. Everybody knows that they like go without one.
    Because they are the right one for cladding in an imaginary sari!

    • utnir

      thats where the scam comes :)

  • Giribala Joshi

    Lol at free imaginary saaris :D

  • Saundraverghese

    Great.But we shut up after reading such articles. What do we do to get over casteism n communalism which are nothing but two sides of the same coin: intolerance. Isn’t it time to pause and dwell as to where we are heading.

  • Saundraverghese

    Stupids will laugh after reading it, but others will sit up and start pondering.