Almost every election analyst or political pundit thinks that Gujarat elections will be won again by the BJP under the leadership of Chief Minister Narendra Modi. However, this far from reality. Our research team has found out why Narendra Modi may lose even his MLA seat.

Narendra Modi

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Here are the five reasons for Modi’s defeat:

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Sorry, yes, we have absolutely nothing to offer on this issue. We fucking don’t care who wins or loses the elections. But we were getting no new idea for a news report and we had to get some traffic for today, so we thought to write something sensational on Narendra Modi.

If your blog/website is getting low traffic, you are free to copy-paste this report. Just credit Faking News.

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  • Anoop

    Is this bias for Modi or fear of Modi that you make satire of every other politician except him. Just think about it when alone. Your conscience may reply if it is not dead.

    • Natraj Chaturvedi

      funny lol

    • ajaxca

      No. it’s neither. It’s respect for Modi that he doesn’t ridicule him. Just think about it when alone. Your conscience may reply if it is not dead.

  • sudh

    no article on digvijay singh since long

  • Narendra forPM

    “If we want to build a grand Gujarat, I will need your support. Forget all candidates. I am your candidate,”
    This are the words of Mr. Narendra Maodi and it means that modi believes that where their is BJP in Gujarat he is always their for everyone. That’s the spirit of great soldier Narendra Modi…
    A man who deserve to be PM of India

  • Swanand Kannur

    I do not agree with your 1st point. It is not Dkjtwskjlw as you mentioned, it is just a rumor spread by congress like the malnourishment photo. The reality is bvjhbvbk bjhdbb kbijkojokj.

  • kiran

    same as not hurting any community article.., good one though

  • Dibendu

    Ohh. There is 1 sureshot way in which Modi can lose Gujarat. If Sir Jadeja contests against him. NaMo will have no chance.

  • vatsal

    dekho dekho kon aaya gujrat ka sher aaya :)
    kaha gaye sale khangressio :P
    aa javo cmnt me :P :D

  • li

    guys i did some cut and paste job. a perfect image reply to anyone who trashes our modi