Mumbai. Cellphone subscribers in India have the options of transferring talk-time, gift vouchers, or even money to their friends in need, but a new technology will now allow transfer of the most vital element of a mobile phone – battery level.

“We are using the wireless energy transfer technology to enable this feature,” said A Raja, a scientist (not the former telecommunications minister) who launched the feature in beta stage for public testing. Special handsets enabled with this technology will soon be made commercially available after successful testing, Raja told Faking News.

As part of this feature, a subscriber with say 90% charged battery level can transfer 40% of his battery level to a friend with less than 10% charged battery, and both of them can enjoy 50% charged batteries in their handsets thereafter.

Low battery

Don’t look out for power plugs now, just look out for a friend with extra power.

“They can continue chatting or playing games without worrying about battery getting discharged,” Raja explained the benefits, “They can further ask a mutual friend to transfer charged battery levels to both of them if they need to play or chat longer.”

In order to transfer or receive battery levels, a subscriber will have to register for this service with TRAI. TRAI will have “power sources” installed at various mobile towers in the country. The total power stored in these sources will be sufficient to fully charge all the registered mobiles once a day.

“These handsets will run on power received from these towers,” Raja explained the technology, “Basically these handsets will have virtual batteries, though they can have physical batteries too for emergency use. But primarily, these handsets will receive power from the towers through electromagnetic radiation.”

“The total (virtual) battery usage of a user will be update live in the central database and they can modify this through the ‘transfer charged battery levels’ feature,” the scientist described the feature.

“So a user who has not used much power can transfer a part of his remaining quota of power to his friend by sending a simple SMS,” Raja claimed how easy it will be to transfer power after this technology.

“Easier than the way Sonia Gandhi transfer powers from one leader to another,” he gave an example.

Realizing that this feature could be the most sought after feature in a mobile phone after ‘free bikini models downloads’, TRAI has decided to make it a premium service.

“It will be a costly service as we would need to have power sources installed at every tower,” a TRAI official told Faking News, “We will have limited slots and we will auction them to willing users.”

Common users have welcomed this technology and hoped that next they should be able to transfer some IQ levels to their friends by sending a simple SMS.

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7 Responses to “Now you can charge mobile battery by sending an SMS”

  1. The last line is great, transfer IQ levels

  2. If invented, this technology could prove to be very useful. It’s a pity that the news is simply a fake one.

  3. this could be reality in future. Actually, many of faking news articles come true few days, months or years later!

  4. Hope this happens… But I am not sure about technologies transferring energy wireless to mobiles….

    • Well, we already have wireless charging facility implemented in Samsung Galaxy S3 (newly launched).

  5. //“Easier than the way Sonia Gandhi transfer powers from one leader to another,” he gave an example.

    typical FN style!

    • PP, even though it is a fancy thought, it can be quite possible, albeit from very short range. may be an idea for new entrepreneurs, and certainly I will raise this cheeky point in IIM classes.