Mumbai. Aamir Khan’s television chat show Satyamev Jayate is helping the now-aware-and-concerned youth of India to get rid of the hangover that they pick from Saturday night booze and rave parties, a study by Faking News reveals.

“It’s just what the doctored ordered,” Ravish Shastri, a 21-year-old Dhoble-fearing youth conceded, “I just feel normal after watching the show. The subject matter and miseries of other people prove to be so intense for me that I completely forget my own miseries.”

Aamir Khan

Yet another positive impact of Aamir Khan’s TV show on the society

Dozens of other youth, many of them interviewed by our reporter in a dozed off and stoned conditioned, echoed the same sentiments and thanked Aamir Khan for choosing a right day and time-slot for his show.

“He could have chosen a prime-time slot in the late evenings when most of the big-ticket TV programs are aired, but he knew that guys could be out partying at that time. What a perfectionist!” claimed a person who couldn’t recall his name after as he was a bit too high.

“Unlike Ramayana or Mahabharata, this show doesn’t start at a time while we are still asleep,” said 42-year-old Jatin Gandhi, who insisted on being called a youth and be counted for the interview.

Most of those who have been watching the show on Sunday 11 AM agreed that the glum and serious nature of the show jolted them out of the tipsy world and cured them of any headache or other hangover symptoms.

“Man, sometimes those issues hit you right there,” said Mohit Nath, apparently referring to his heart though he was thumping the right side of his chest.

“Last time I was cured of my hangover by watching something on TV was when Misbah-ul-Haq started hitting sixes in the first T20 world cup after India was in winning situation,” he recalled, “But this is better. Dil pe lagti hai dost! And even the dimaagh starts functioning. There is no trace of the hangover once the show finishes and the song starts.”

Aamir Khan was not available for comments as he was busy making a presentation for a parliamentary committee.

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  • Rohit

    Jatin Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi? ;)

  • Dude

    42-year-old Jatin Gandhi, who insisted on being called a youth and be counted for the interview….ROTFL!!!

  • Dr.Yogesh Sharma

    Amir Khan is become another Tantrc Baba who can deliver or cure any ill by paying or viewing Amir Khan Nautanki. Some body may construct mazar for Amir Khan and start offering chaders to get cure for all the problems. Our secular government can start a nation URS for Amir Khan and start offering chadder.

    • an indian

      abe dhakkan!.. atleast he is doing something… this country is full of assoles like u who criticize everything good happening around..

      • ice

        Hear, hear.

      • Toffee

        Good reply.

  • KV

    Your satire if read seriously will cure the hangover of the people irrespective of whether they were drunk the previous night or not.

  • FNFan

    Jatin Gandhi,42 and a youth.. awesome!!
    Take a bow FN.. Bang on satire !!!

  • Gunjan

    Good one! :)