New Delhi. After asking users to pay for making their posts more “popular”, Facebook is asking users, male, and preferably from India, to pay if they wanted more female friends in their social network. The social networking site has announced a new feature where a male user can add a girl as friend by paying just 2 USD.

The feature will go live on Monday, when many users will access their Facebook profile from offices.

“We noticed that most Indian users were interested in adding women as friends,” Mark Mehta, a Facebook official in India told Faking News, “Women users had the maximum number of pending friend requests, followed by fake profiles of Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi.”

“However, the messages accompanying the friend requests to women were always requests for friendship, e.g. ‘medam, u luk butiful n sexy, pls aad me’ while messages to the other two profiles were mixed such as ‘u r doing great job’ or ‘fuck off asshole’, which didn’t exactly hint towards a desire to be friends,” Mark said.

Facebook girl

Like her? Add her.

Based on such empirical data, Facebook concluded that there was a pressing demand among Indian male users to have female friends in their network. After a brief discussion, the social networking site decided to convert this into a revenue earning opportunity.

“Earlier we thought of a feature where we could let a user add any girl they liked after seeing her face in the profile picture. After all, we are ‘Face’book! All that a man needed to do was to pay $200,” Mark said, “We thought a girl might not know it and may blame it on some bug, as people blame it on Twitter bug when an ‘unfollow’ is unearthed.”

“However, we feared that there could also be a huge hue and cry and people would blame us for playing with their privacy, hence we decided to make it more transparent,” the Facebook official explained the new feature, “Now we would ask female users to sign-up for this ‘paid friends’ program, where they’d get $1 for every acceptance of a friend request sent through this program.”

“The girl will not be able to unfriend or block the user added through such programs for at least 3 months,” Mark clarified, “She will also be expected to interact at least once in a day by liking the user’s post or replying ‘hi’ to his chat messages or wall postings.”

Facebook officials believe that a huge number of both men and women will join this ‘paid friends’ program, which will soon be launched in others parts of the world too.

“We will target the Pakistani market next,” Mark said, “But before that we have to make sure that Facebook is not banned there and women are allowed to make profiles.”

The announcement has been met with largely positive reactions from Indian users, with many men hoping to get the sex-ratio right for their friends’ list on Facebook.

“They should give us some student discount,” an engineering college student, male, suggested.

“I will remove all those idiots whom I had added just because they were some mutual friends,” Gargi, a female user of Facebook said, “I always thought that I should be compensated for having them on my list. Let them send me friend requests through this feature only.”

Sources say that the Indian government, otherwise angry with Facebook for allowing offensive materials to be shared, has welcomed the idea.

“They believe that if men are busy adding women as friend and interacting with them, they’d spend lesser time sharing links about government scams or other conspiracy theories,” a source revealed.

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  • Ritesh

    🙂 The only thing you forgot to mention that Kapil Sibbal will personally approve all new friends request .

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      😀 true 🙂

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  • indianguy

    why no one is talking abt rotting foodgrains due to lack of warehouses…when country is suffering from increasing food prices . is sonia ghandi sleeping !???

    its crime of highest level. and should be protested at all levels.

    • Abhinav

      abe upar padh to sahi kya likha hai…kuch bhi likhe jaa raha hai

    • Monish

      y dont u join politics dude??

  • I suspect there is rss hand in this conspiracy. This plan by Facebook is anti-Dalit and has serious shortcomings as it does not provide for special situations like Rahul Gandhi who also has trouble making friends of any sex.

    • Bhaag saale DOG

    • IB

      ha ha ha… no wonder its Digvijay Singh !! :p

  • FN_fan

    “Dare to think beyond Facebook!,” Arindam Chaudhury says before the Facebook IPO

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        Hum Gurrilla hain Gurrilla war karenge…. Gurilla-Wurilla sune ho ki nahi

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          ‘Don’t count girl friends before they accept’ , Aridham beta’s new book. zaroor padhna haan.

  • Monish

    ha ha ha ….. Now its quite obvious that men will do savings for such things…
    Government will be pleased to have such an outstanding feature..

    • Aam Junta

      Does this feature have tax benefit ?

      • Monish

        🙂 it may be… u can include this in your CTC that you have spent this much amount on facebook:-)

  • I want to think beyond the IIMs. :S

  • KV

    How about a article on the topic “Facebooking and tweeting added to the CTC of employees”

    • Monish

      good one 🙂

  • Normal Baba ki website pe visit karo to get ur fren request accpected from girls of facebook. it is not a joke , just visit and see the miracle {LOL}

  • SC/ST/OBC should get a discount. They cannot afford to pay in dollars.