Mumbai. Balbir Patel, a part time theater actor and mimicry artist who looks like Sachin Tendulkar, is now in a fix. Balbir had spent around 3 lakh rupees on hair transplant and hair curling treatment to get a hairstyle that looked totally like Tendulkar’s earlier short and curly Sathya Sai Babaesque hair.

However, to his horror, which was shared by millions of Tendulkar fans, he discovered that Sachin has got a new hairstyle – a cross between hairstyle of Akshay Kumar in the movie Action Replay and hairstyle of Ramesh-Suresh duo in the 5 Star television commercial.

Balbir is now worried about getting a new haircut that could make him a Sachin lookalike again. Short on finances, the duplicate Sachin has now written to BCCI to provide him with a wig.

Sachin Tendulkar's new look

Sachin’s new look has blinded many

“I can’t afford to spend another 5-6 lakhs to become a duplicate Tendulkar again,” Balbir expressed his helplessness, “I’m just a small actor and earn small money by appearing in ads and events as duplicate Sachin.”

Talking exclusively to Faking News, Balbir expressed anger and frustration over the fact that neither Sachin nor BCCI warned him about the hairstyle change, which was now threatening to ruin his professional life.

“How will Sachin feel if he was suddenly told that he has to bat left-handed from now on?” Balbir argued, “I can’t have another transplant as this would destroy my scalp and my artificial hair can’t be straightened.”

The duplicate Sachin has demanded that either Sachin gets his old hairstyle back or he’s provided with a wig that will help him become a Sachin lookalike once again.

“I think Sachin should get his old hairstyle back,” Mahip, a Tendulkar fan, opined, “Forget Balbir, what will happen to those was statues at Madame Tussauds? Are they going to melt it at the top?”

A quick survey by Faking News revealed that an overwhelming number of Tendulkar fans and most cricket fans favored Sachin getting his old hairstyle back. Though a few thought that Tendulkar should continue with his new hairstyle as it had helped him get his 100th international century and a nomination to the Parliament.

Kirpa aa rahi hai,” Tunmum Pandey, a fan of Tendulkar and a bhakt of Nirmal Baba claimed.

Master ji, Tendulkar ji ka hairstyle ek bilaang chhoti kar do,” Ramesh-Suresh demanded.

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13 Responses to “Tendulkar lookalike asks BCCI to give him a wig to match Sachin’s new hairstyle”

  1. Rohit May 2, 2012

    hahaha.. I literally falled off my chair after reading the last line 😀

  2. “How will Sachin feel if he was suddenly told that he has to bat left-handed from now on?”….. lol…….

  3. ” Sachin Toon-dulker, naye hair style ke karan aap par kirpa aa rahi hai” (kahi aap baba ke samagam me to nahi gaye the,
    dhanya hai nirmal baba unki jai ho… 😉

  4. diaperdude May 3, 2012

    sachin looks like Gay in the new hairstyle…who advised him this look

  5. lalit May 3, 2012

    LOL. Looks like real news.
    Why no mention of doggy or zero loss feeble for a long time ?

  6. Manish May 3, 2012

    Sachin Ramesh-Suresh Tendulkar 😀

  7. Tunmum Pandey !!!!! Hahhaha LOL!!!!

    Tunmum Pandey ke sath SAMAGAM me bahut majaa aayaa hoga na babaji ko!!!

    “Baba have a BIG kirpa ” thats what she said after SMAGAM.

    Bolo ki jai

  8. ROFL…literally

  9. Sachin looks like a HIJDA after the new hairdo…….

  10. One of the most hilarious articles i’ve ever read in was “what will happen to those was statues at Madame Tussauds? Are they going to melt it at the top?”