New Delhi. Normal Baba, an aspiring godman who claims to help people with his invisible “Third Arm”, has successfully received 15 crore rupees of investment from Banyan Capital, a venture capital firm funding promising godmen, tantriks, black-magicians etc.

Normal Baba, 37-year-old three times failed entrepreneur, is hopeful that he’d be fourth time lucky and turn his godmangiri into a profitable venture within a short span of one year.

“We’d recover all the cost within a few months,” claimed Normal Baba, born Nirmaljeet Singh Albela before he turned “spiritual” after he failed at three successive attempts of starting a business.

Earlier, Normal Baba had raised 50 lakhs through an angel investment that was used to launch website, buy video camera, get fancy furniture, and quizzing.

Third Eye of Nirmal Baba

He is Nirmal Baba, not Normal

“We’d be buying slots on all major television channels and broadcast this program called ‘Third Arm of Normal Baba’, where we’d showcase people declaring their faith in Normal Baba and ask others to send donations to get their desires fulfilled,” Baba explained his fourth foolproof business idea.

Normal Baba explained that he’d be investing all the money into recording TV shows that would show random people thanking him for solving problems related to their personal and professional lives.

“I have original solutions to offer like polishing shoes with a special butter and eating apples dipped in water from my bathtub,” Normal Baba described the “product” he’d be selling.

Baba, who has already 2000 followers on Twitter and 20,000 in the real world – people whom he referred to as “shop-floor workers” in his business plan – expects at least 150 crore rupees in donations in the first year of his business.

“This is a very conservative estimate,” Normal Baba claimed.

Apart from ‘donations’, the business plan showed crores of extra “revenues” in shape of ‘goodwill’, ‘consultancy fees’, and ‘endorsements’. Baba’s b-plan showed thee major expenses – ‘video production cost’, ‘advertising’, and ‘event management’.

Justifying the investment, Varun Bafna, the managing partner of Banyan Capital, claimed that the VC fund had full faith in Normal Baba’s ability to convince common men of his special powers.

“We expect 5000% RoI (Return on Investment)” Bafna said. When asked about the exit options that he was considering, Bafna said, “Let’s not call it ‘exit’ option; we would consider it ‘nirvana’ when we exit the business. And we could do it by selling our shares to a political party or a news channel, who could be interested in having Normal Baba as the in-house superstar.”

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46 Responses to “Normal Baba, aspiring godman, raises second round of investment”

  1. Nirmal baba has 44000 followers on twitter not 2000.

  2. Normal baba……lol

  3. And what about Rahul baba ??

  4. Tractor Singh April 17, 2012

    i am not getting any virus in my computer after putting photo of nirmal baba as wallpaper

  5. Avi Sahani April 21, 2012

    LOL…..Best of Faking News……You were Should Have a Facebook Page to be Connected……

  6. Is it satire or real???

    the domain booked

  7. narahari May 30, 2012

    As long as bewakoof people exist, Normal Baba will prosper. His activities are not illegal. Normal baba is a n extreme, who daringly does his act on TV. There are thousands of such self styled -so called – ‘spiritual gurus’ , who advise on how to go about in all your personal and professional activities, planning events etc. They too cant offer any rational basis for their views, it is just random. All this is going on, and it will go on as long there people who shell down money.