New Delhi. A 25-year-old young man Champu Singh (name changed to protect identity) was forced to attempt suicide after being traumatized by Sachin Tendulkar fans for well over a month. Champu was rushed to the nearest government hospital but the doctors at the hospital refused treatment fearing social networking backlash. Last reported, Champu was fighting for his life deserted, lonely in the hospital lawns.

Champu had reportedly posted an anti-Sachin comment on Facebook after the master’s 100th hundred blaming Sachin’s slow batting for India’s loss to Bangladesh. Immediately, he started getting plenty of hate comments, jibes, and taunts from his own friends, acquaintances, and random strangers alike.

Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin fans claim he’s looking at his own reflection in the picture above

“They called me thankless, Chappel sympathizer, publicity seeking moron, anti-Indian etc. Initially I tried to argue with them by giving them logical arguments, but that made things worse!” Champu, alive and checking IPL scores from his bed in the hospital lawns, told Faking News.

“My best friend unsubscribed my posts. All my Facebook and twitter updates, even those not related to cricket, started getting the same reply in hundreds – Shut up you Idiot, Sachin is GOD! #crazyindianfan,” he recalled the horror.

After reading all such hate mails, Champu’s would-be father-in-law decided to call off his wedding scheduled for May this year.

“I can send my daughter to Delhi or Gurgaon and not worry about her security, but not to Champu after reading those comments,” a very scared could-not-be father-in-law of Champu told Faking News.

Depressed and heartbroken, Champu did the unthinkable two weeks back – he deleted all his social networking accounts. This extreme step should have been taken as a forewarning to the suicide that followed. Unfortunately that was ignored, and his “friends” continued to heckle him on SMS etc., finally pushing Champu into taking even more extreme step.

Delhi Police refused to file an FIR against his friends for abetting suicide. Although activists blame police for acting under pressure of Sachin fans, police sources claim law, as ordained by The God, has taken its own course.

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24 Responses to “Man forced to attempt suicide for making anti-Sachin comment”

  1. LOL! this news sounds legt 😉

  2. In that particular match It was nice to see Sachin making his 100 th 100…but it was not all for us…the win was far much more important than just an individual score…IT WAS A BLOODY SHAME FOR ME TO WATCH INDIA DEFEATED BY BANLGLADESH….HONESTLY SAYING I WAS VERY MUCH UPSET THAT DAY…
    I think Sachin should have mentioned this in his press conference but he went on to say thanks to all….I wonder Bangladeshis would have been thinking that A DEFEAT MEANT NOTHING TO INDIAN TEAM…..I’m also pleased with his hundred but above all the National Interest must come first always….EVEN TODAY I’M QUITE AMAZED TO SEE PEOPLE FORGETTING THAT BLOODY SHAMEFUL DEFEAT…..

    • that was one month back .. come out of it . get a life dude..

      • champu ka baap! April 25, 2012

        arent u dead champu!
        u dont have a life!!!
        y asking others to get a life!

      • Champu k baap ka baap April 25, 2012

        Agreed Champu! People fret over old things for life

        • Sare champuon ka dada April 25, 2012

          Abe champuon the comment at the start by vaibhav is correct…national intrest should always come before personal intrest

          • hahaha.. i loved your name “sare champuon ka dada” :)..good one..

          • Sare champuon ki dadi April 30, 2012

            Sare champuon ke dada, umar ho chali hai tumhe, bachon ke jhagde mein ungli mat karo.
            Champu tension mat le, budhou sathiya gayo hai

          • from Champu to Sare Champuon ka Dada…LMAO…you guys rock

    • aromale April 24, 2012

      u wil be the next champu :P..:D

  3. That arrogant fellow goes on to say I’m committed to play for India, after causing her to lose by playing such a selfish innings. he should have retired long time ago. First he didn’t because of WC, then because of 100 100s, now he is targeting 100 50s, goes to show he plays for records and isn’t the least bothered of wasting a talented player like Pujara’s place in the test team.
    I really appreciate what he has done in his career but now he should gracefully retire, specially when he knows no selector will drop him because they don’t want to face the wrath of his blind and moronic followers, like the ones talked about in this article.

    • You are the next Champu! 😛

      • If you don’t know what you are, read my post again.

      • champu ka baap! April 25, 2012

        Amit how old are you?
        5 or 6 years.. tell your daddy to buy you a cricket bat.. go out and play useless!!

    • It is not pressure of fans but corporate pressure which is forcing selectors to krrp sachin in team.they have invested crores on sachin.

    • Sachin's blind Follower April 25, 2012

      Seriously Guyz this is an article to laugh and have fun don’t be Melodramatic this is Faking News for God(read Sachin) Sake.
      India lost that match partly due to Sachin and partly due to Dhoni’s Captaincy and please get over it.
      Sachin knows his game better than everyone else, let him decide at least he deserves that doesn’t he?
      And don’t forget critics wanted him to retire in 2004 or 05 making statement like Endulkar or so but what happened next??
      Leave it to Tendalya Dude and Have fun for now.

  4. Final_Punch April 24, 2012

    Dear SS… there’s no end to it..
    By the time (by chance) he gets his 50th ODI 100, then will be aiming to be in the 14/15 member squad of WC 2015…

    BTW.. I have criticized ‘madness’ attitude of some bloggers, FBites, twitters when I see such unwanted Sachin’s posts.. by useless fans.

  5. Guys I feel that though we lost that match partly because of Sachin, but considering his overall contribution to the game and Indian Cricket over so many years, this error can be ignored. We should try to understand that after all he is also a mere human, even he can make mistakes and it’s not like he wasn’t under pressure to make his 100th ton, with everybody talking about his upcoming century but nobody telling him that even 99 centuries are good enough and we will love and respect you whether you make your 100th Ton or not.

  6. All the Sachin praiser consider him God for pretty lame reasons .And am sure these guys would not have cared even india lost the world cup final and if sachin had scored a century. All those calling sachin a gentlmen should remember that it was him who declared when dravid was nearing 200 in the test match . And now just to complete his century he played test match in the one day against bangladesh . If a country needs to progress then the people should acknowledge the write sportsperson and not treat them as God . Simple question why is he still playing odi when he is sure not play the world cup 2015 .?? In fact if u review in all the first innings hundred sachind has got he went the last 10-20 odd runs at snails pace .Even in the 200 he scored u could see that he had reached around 185 odd in 40 overs and then seeing the milestone he slowed down. I would say sachin has always played for milestones whether it helps india win or lose is secondary to him