Lucknow. Members of dalit and poor families in Uttar Pradesh, who were visited by Rahul Gandhi over the last few years, have decided to meet on April Fools’ Day today to share their experiences. The meet has been organized by a Samajwadi Party MLA from Amethi, who had earlier laid the foundation of pucca house for a dalit woman, whose house was visited by Rahul Gandhi and later burnt down by alleged SP workers.

“We had earlier invited all such families to a Mahamurkh Sammelan on Holi, but we the sammelan couldn’t be organized as we were too busy firing in the air to celebrate out election victory,” Gayatri Prasad Prajapati, the SP MLA said.

Rahul Gandhi having dinner at a dalit household

There is no such thing as a free lunch (or dinner); however, many experts wonder if this was true for leaders in India.

These families, many of whom feel like fools after they couldn’t get even the “Rahul Gandhi visited me” certificates as promised, have decided to share their feelings and frustrations, so that others in India are not fooled again.

“I had once distributed postcards in my village so that I don’t die, but people didn’t laugh at me then as much as they laughed at me after Rahul Gandhi left my house after finishing dinner,” a man from Amethi told Faking News on conditions of anonymity.

However, experts believe that such meets will not make any difference, as people, in Uttar Pradesh or elsewhere in the country, would continue being fools.

“At best Rahul Gandhi would be denied his free dinner next time, but someone would continue to have dinner at homes of poor people without paying them,” Arnab, an expert on everything said.

Sources say that earlier some honorable and honest MPs had proposed to honor Indian citizens on April Fools’ Day, for they have been the most consistent fools for over 60 years, but other MPs refused to come to work on a Sunday – a holiday.

“Parliament had even shortlisted seven foolish people, one of whom would have represented the common man of India,” the source claimed, “The frontrunner among them was a person from Barabanki, who thought Wikileaks was anti-dalit, Baba Ramdev was an economist, Anna Hazare was a lawyer, and BJP could build Ram Mandir at Ayodhya within a day.”

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  1. Good one! Last para sums it all 😉

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    Arnab, an expert on everything said…………….ha ha ha

  5. Childrens Day celebrated by Children.
    Teachers Day celebrated by Teachers.
    Womens Day celebrated by Women.
    Friendship Day celebrated by Friends.
    So, April fools Day celebrated by …….? 😀

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  9. SP is now the official foolster in UP!!

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