New Delhi. After nominating Sachin Tendulkar for Rajya Sabha and giving it an impression as if the cricketer had joined the party, Congress is now targeting superstar Rajinikanth to garner popular support. As part of this strategy, a Congress leader has claimed that the party symbol – a human palm – was actually the hand of Rajinikanth.

News channels, without questioning the logic of the statement, immediately turned the statement into headlines and breaking news, which led many people into believing that Rajinikanth was endorsing Congress party.

“It’s the hand of Rajinikanth, the hand of god,” declared Congress leader Rajiv Shukla, who had earlier arranged for a meeting between Sonia Gandhi and Sachin Tendulkar, where Sonia Gandhi apparently wished Sachin on completing 100 centuries and 39 years, but it was reported as if Sachin had gone there to collect his Rajya Sabha I-card.


This is the closest Rajinikanth’s hand looks to the Congress symbol, but such technicalities were ignored in the debate that followed.

Since he couldn’t arrange a meeting with Rajinikanth, Shukla showed to journalists the bouquet that Sonia Gandhi had sent to Rajini when he was admitted to hospital last year.

Faking News reporter tried to enquire how the bouquet, which should have been with Rajini if he had accepted it, was with Shukla, but the queries were ignored by the Congress leader. Rest of the reporters had already broken the news and a TV debate was taking place if Congress could win every seat in Tamil Nadu.

“Shameful of Thalaivar to have joined a corrupt party,” tweeted an anti-Congress activist, who was heckled by Rajinikanth fans on Twitter. Rest of the people cracked Rajinikanth and Kolaveri jokes as the virtual world virtually believed that Rajini had joined politics.

BJP, not able to understand anything and shocked by verdict on Bangaru Laxman, first demanded the resignation of Prime Minister, but later claimed that Rajinikanth was anti-Congress because he had whole heartedly supported Anna Hazare’s movement.

“LOL! So what? It’s either Congress or Anna in that case. Where is BJP?” Congress leader Rajiv Shukla demonstrated the effect of his statement.

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11 Responses to “Congress leader claims party symbol is hand of Rajinikanth”

  1. Sachin ka bakra ban gaya, Rajinikanth ka nahi banega! he’s way too smart than sachin 😉

  2. “a meeting between Sonia Gandhi and Sachin Tendulkar, where Sonia Gandhi apparently wished Sachin on completing 100 centuries and 39 years, but it was reported as if Sachin had gone there to collect his Rajya Sabha I-card.”
    – EXCELLENT and nailed it.. media was almost playing into Congress’s hand, or maybe taking directions from Congress on how to report! There was no report about Sachin’s meeting with Prime Minister (only Cricinfo, a sports website, reported that)

  3. Rahul Gandhi April 28, 2012

    please nominate me for PM post in Rajya Sabha… please.. i fall in ur feet and beg u all..

  4. Rajiv Kumar April 28, 2012

    super stuff PP…..
    especially enjyed your comment on BJP demanding the resignation of prime minister..

  5. THodi kirpaa me kami aa rahi ? singhvi, nd tiwari, maderna in sab ko bolo kabhi party symbal(hath) bhi use kar liya karo

  6. Chahe jitna vi gigolas ya callghrl bula lo.congress ki lutiya dubni hi hai.

  7. Faking News(no, not pagal patrekar).. will you please marry me??
    This site just gets better (if its possible) with each passing day. Love you FN!!!

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