Bangalore. Employees of software company Infosys who had joined the company last year straight out of their colleges, were pleasantly shocked to see a three-hour break given to them for discussing CAT scores and MBA admissions. The decision was taken after the HR employees noticed freshers, and other still-young employees, discussing the same today morning instead of paying attention to work. CAT scores were announced last midnight.

“All of them were coming up with numbers between 80 to 100. Initially I thought some cricket match was going on and they were discussing runs scored by Tendulkar, but soon I realized that they were discussing their CAT percentiles,” Hari Sadhu, HR manager in the Bangalore office told Faking News.

CAT test takers

The mood at the office is not expected to change for the next couple of days, IT experts believe.

Taking cognizance of the fact that this was a waste of working hours, HR department thought of sending a memo asking the employees to desist from such unproductive acts. However they soon realized that this could turn the freshers into pagal guys.

“Many were already upset with poor percentiles, and those who had fared better were trying not to read any SMS jokes or email forwards, lest their smiles and laughter is misinterpreted as jeering and presumptuous by others,” Hari described the scenes he witnessed this morning.

After an emergency round of meeting, the HR department came up with the solution to provide the CAT stricken employees a three hour break where they could discuss their lives and careers. An internal communication was sent to all the employees to take a break and have a chit chat.

The three-hour break started at 3PM today after employees were asked to fill in details like CAT percentile, the number of CAT attempts, and employee ID to get into the CAT discussion room.

HR department denied that the data will be used during performance appraisal and those, who had fared horribly even after three attempts, would be marked “least concern” on the attrition meter.

“This is just a normal data collection process,” Hari Sadhu claimed, “We are trying to help our boys.”

“They will just need to come to the office on Saturday and compensate the company for the lost hours,” He offered the helping hand.

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  • RKG

    hahahha….could nt stop laughing….hilarious :D

  • Sunil

    Dis the thing with anything..i had people discussing the Mumbai Marathon for hours :D

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    Lol. Today is an holiday for infosys :D