Digvijay Singh

Digvijay Singh, the legend himself, with the trophy that will be awarded to the winner.

Faking News owes to people who speak a lot (sorry Dr. Manmohan Singh), especially those who speak without thinking. Because the more they speak, the easier it becomes for us to find topics to write on. That’s why we have decided to honor such brave-mouths for their spectacular deeds in the year 2011, with a title aptly called “Digvijay Singh of the Year” – named after the person who does it with unmatched aplomb.

We have shortlisted five candidates each in five broad categories – Politics, Entertainment, Cricket, Journalism, and Others – based on your responses on Twitter and Facebook (sorry Google Plus), and now is the time to select the winner.

We start with politics, and there were dozens of nominations, but the final five nominees (based on popular choice) are:

  • Kapil Sibal – for ‘zero loss’ and ‘internet censorship’ comments
  • Manish Tewary – for ‘Anna is corrupt from head to toe’ comment
  • Rahul Gandhi – for ‘beggar’ and ‘99% terror attacks stopped’ comments
  • Mayawati – for her ‘Assange is mad and Wikileaks anti-dalit’ comment
  • Nitin Gadkari – for the comment that led to everyone in BJP becoming PM’s candidate

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The nominees for Digvijay Singh of the Entertainment world are:

  • Kamaal Rashid Khan (KRK) – for his comments on Twitter
  • Poonam Pandey – for claiming she will pose nude after world cup victory
  • Rakhi Sawant – for her professed love for Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare
  • Pooja Mishra – for her comments in the television reality show Bigg Boss
  • Mahesh Bhatt – for his comments on Sunny Leone and pornography

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The nominees for Digvijay Singh of Cricket include the names of non-Indians too:

  • Vinod Kambli: for his comments on 1996 World Cup Semi-Final being fixed
  • Shoaib Akhtar: for his comments in his autobiography
  • Nasser Hussain: for his ‘donkey’ comments
  • Arun Lal: for his comments in the commentary box
  • Michael Vaughan: for his ‘Vaseline’ comment

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Who will be Digvijay Singh of Journalism:

  • Sagarika Ghose: for her comments on Internet Hindus
  • Barkha Dutt: for some unspecified comments
  • Rajdeep Sardesai: for his daily theories in gnight tweets
  • Arnab Goswami: for his comments in ALL CAPS
  • Pagal Patrakar: may you all rot in hell who nominated me

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And the final five nominees for Digvijay Singh of the other kind:

  • Vishwa Bandhu Gupta: for his ‘cloud computing’ comments
  • Team Anna: for their comments on politicians
  • Swami Agnivesh: for his comments on Team Anna
  • Suhel Seth: for his comments on everything
  • Justice Katju: for his comments on media and internet

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Please vote for your “favorite” nominee and help him/her win this “honor”. The voting will continue till the 10:00 PM on 28th December 2011 and a final winner will be announced the same day. 28th of this month is being chosen because that’s Digvijay Singh’s favorite number.

Do share the links to the polls and ask your friends to take part in the most important poll of the year.

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45 Responses to “Vote to choose “Faking News Digvijay Singh of the Year””

  1. Sharukh, Arindam, Anil Kappor, should have been there

  2. i am spoilt for choice

  3. And the award goes to ………………….. Manish Tiwari for his comment on Anna Hazare!!

  4. I would have won all the awards. I know everything. I am Zaid Hamid. I do not need these awards from Zioinists Hindu Indians.

    After Ghazwa-e-Hind I’ll take all the awards. My close friend Digvijay Singh has assured me that he will participate in the Ghazwa from Pakistan side.

    Last and final warning number 7234 of the year 2011. We are coming so is the great khair.

    • Wait…. WHAT?

    • What the helll was that ?!

      • This is Zaid Hamid talking. I have 42000+ Facebook fans army ready to capture Dilli. Inshallah we are coming to take revenge.

        • Zaid Hamid: Pehle Islamabad ko toh bacha le apne hijdon ki army se..Baad mein dilli ke baare mein sochna… US waalon ne abhi border per tumhe maara tha… Kuch din mein tumhare ghar mein ghus ke maarenge tumhare ghar walon ki…

          • @Prabhat: Someone is joking…and you took it at ur heart. C’mon maaan…Chill…you too chill mr zaid…

  5. Jhakarta January 19, 2012

    I didn’t vote because of the unavailability of “NONE OF THE ABOVES” option. I support Anna Jaare Jaare, so i didn’t Vote.

    In a very short interview DogVijay singh said “Pagal Patrakar ” is RSS agent and motivate peoples against Amul Baby as they didn’t put “NONE OF THE ABOVES” options in the vote. He wants that option here to proof that it won’t work in India and if you need “NONE OF THE ABOVE” option than it must go automatically to Amul Baby.