New Delhi. Various news reports published by the mainstream media networks today confirmed that Sonia Gandhi, the leader of the ruling Congress party, was upset with some terrible things happening in the country. Media reports declared that although Sonia Gandhi wanted to do away with such terrible things, she was finding herself completely helpless, despite being the strongest person in India as far as politics goes.

“Sonia ji wants Food Security bill, strong Lokpal bill, strong rupee, no black money abroad, no farmer suicides, no petrol price hikes, no Mullaperiyar fights, no corruption, no inflation, no crime, no terrorism, no bad things,” a Congress source revealed the noble intentions of the UPA chairperson, which was noted down with utmost respect and sincerity by the mainstream media reporters.

Sonia Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi always has the best wishes and blessings for the aam aadmi

“She is annoyed with this government and the Prime Minister, and has asked the UPA allies to pull up the socks,” the Congress source claimed, which was reported verbatim afterwards by the media.

When this reporter asked the Congress source whether this meant that the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh was taking decisions without consulting Sonia Gandhi, the source claimed that the “charge was baseless”.

“All you need to know (and report) is that Sonia Gandhi is working for the betterment of the nation, the deeds of the government notwithstanding,” the Congress source explained, and blamed coalition politics for some of the mess created.

“What nonsense! Are you an RSS mouthpiece?” the Congress source retorted when Faking News reporter argued that why should Sonia Gandhi, who is the chairperson of the ruling coalition, be not blamed for the shortcomings of this coalition government.

Our reporter immediately apologized for this oversight, following which he was presented with a warm sweater, made of wools of a black sheep, as a token of appreciation.

Later, speaking exclusively to Faking News, the Congress source further claimed that the wish-list of Sonia Gandhi didn’t stop with political issues and she wanted the government to deal with unpleasant issues such as cold weather, slow internet speed, too many pigeons in the cities, and Kamaal Rashid Khan (KRK).

“She cares for the aam aadmi,” the source concluded, and the Faking News reporter agreed.

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  • Mr.Jack Su

    Indian government
    will prohibit the use of the U.S. mail service company
    2013-09-02 Source: Free Software Park View comments
    According to foreign media
    reports, the Indian
    government will
    require all
    government employees to work to
    stop using gmail to
    communicate, which is
    the National
    Security Agency in
    the United States after the scandal out of the listener into a confidential government information security considerations.

    “Times of
    India” on
    Friday, citing a Ministry
    of Communications
    and Information Technology senior official as saying that the Indian government plans to approximately 500,000 employees formal notice, prohibit them from using the server in the United States of America e-mail services, such as gmail.

    Electronics and
    Information Technology Ministry j.satyanarayana said the government employees in the future must be used by the Indian National Information Center (nic) to provide official e-mail service. “India is the user’s gmail data is stored in a server located outside India.” Satyanarayana said: “Currently, we are looking to solve this problem, these servers have a lot of key government data.”

    However, Google India spokesperson said the company has not been informed of the news of the ban.

    Last week, the Indian Minister Kapil Sibal it had been announced a policy requiring all government officials living abroad use nic server connected directly to the server that is located in India, while the use of government e-mail service.

    Since the United States of the “prism door” exposure since the escalating situation and fermentation, monitor objects from the United States spread to a global scale, it also raises concerns about Asian governments in these countries due to lack of proper infrastructure or personal habits it causes, many government officials, such as yahoo or gmail using these U.S. mail service.

    Original title [the Indian government will prohibit the use of U.S. corporate email service]
    from: Free Software