Yes, even Faking News had an image ready to be published as soon as Sachin scores his 100th international century. But now that it hasn’t happened, it continues to remain in the drafts folder. But no, I’m losing patience. I better publish it now as I can’t wait any more. And Sachin, better score your century soon. And Google, better make a doodle for the occasion.

Google doodle for Sachin by Faking News

Google doodle for Sachin whenever he completes 100 international centuries

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  1. This is awesome!! I seriously wish Google uses this image when Sachin scores his century in Australia 😛

  2. Awesome PP!

  3. You should put up a like button on website 🙂

  4. Picture Perfect!

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  6. Secret of Sachin not making 100th century leaked.

    One of our reliable sources and friend who has appeared on a controversial TV series, Sach ka Jamana, has said that sachin has a lust for the number 99. Even though he is considered to be the greatest batsman of his time, and at least a billion people consider him as God,he is not satisfiied and he wants to be recognised to be greater or equal player to Sir Don Bradman in eyes of Australians as well. Since, Sachin can’t have a great average of 99 Like Don Bradman he has decided to remain unbeaten on 99 of centuries. ” Once Sachin was upset and I asked him the reason and he said he wanted to make 99 of 99s and that’s the reason why he has been out on a number of 99 of out 28 attempts when he was dismissed between 90-99. But due to pressure from Indian Fans and more by the BCCI threatning to remove him from team and the Ad companies threatning to not renew his contracts, he had to make centuries.” Mr Kan-me-Bali told our correspondent. Also, lust for 99 by Sachin seems true because some great players have 99 as their jeresy nos(dada). Also 99 of 99 seems impossible, so he decided to make 99 of 100s.

    When asked by one of his fans who is always seen naked wearing Indian colors and the name Tendulkar in many matches of India,he said “may be he wants to end up his carreer on 99 centuries,may be that’s why he has stopped scoring centuries. I strongly support him, if that’s the case. He has every right to do so and I dont think anyone can score that many 100s”. When reminded that Sehwag broke his 200 record a few days ago, he got angry and said ” He is a stupid kid. He doesnot know how to play cricket. He gets a 200 or a 300 and then cant score in next 10-15 innings. At this rate he wold not go to 99 hundreds.” When the correspondent said, may be a future player can do that, he got angry and broke of the camera and the mike and hit him in the balls. Our correspondent is going a ball transplant surgery right now.

    When we asked for a response from the great legend himself, he said ” Aai-la, kaun ye bola.” and walked away wit a smile.

  7. Final_Punch March 16, 2012

    He was infact wating for this post. See, he proved ur words now.