Noida. After differences appeared in Team Anna over Prashant Bhushan’s remarks on Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati has suggested Anna to replace Prashant Bhushan with her statue in his team. Mayawati claims that the move will balance the composition of Team Anna and will make sure that corruption is rooted out forever from the country.

“My statue will be more valuable than Prashant Bhushan,” Mayawati declared while showering flowers on her own statue in Noida, where she had gone to inaugurate the Rs. 685 crore park, “No one will dare to speak anything against the statue, let alone daring to slap it.”

“Also, it will make sure that dalit views are represented in the Lokpal committee,” she added, “Team Anna doesn’t have a dalit member and it’s the right opportunity to correct that mistake.”

Mayawati statues

One of them could become Lokpal

Mayawati claimed that her statue was more capable of representing and defending dalit interests than any lawyer, politician, or activist in the country.

“If Anna Hazare is not anti-dalit, he should immediately include my statue no. 420235 in his team,” she demanded, referring to a statue of herself that she had handpicked to draft the Lokpal bill.

Many pro-Mayawati thinkers have supported the demands by UP CM citing the fact that Mayawati statues were now an integral part of India. Many of them even suggested that one of these Mayawati statues could later be appointed the first Lokpal of India.

“You can’t imagine the socio-political landscape of India without a Mayawati statue holding a handbag in the backdrop,” Suryabhan Misra, a pro-Mayawati journalist argued, “If we can have a puppet Prime Minister, what’s wrong with having a statue Lokpal?”

“If we have a Mayawatiji’s statue as Lokpal, it will also give the post of Lokpal the much needed statue-tory status,” Suryabhan said, making a reference to Rahul Gandhi’s demand of making Lokpal a constitutional or statutory body. He was apparently not joking.

Some independent experts also believe that having a Mayawati statue in Team Anna could actually prove to be beneficial for Anna, as he can then reject every criticism of his actions for being a conspiracy against dalits of India.

Faking News tried to reach members of Team Anna to get a response but they refused to comment over Mayawati’s demands. Meanwhile unconfirmed sources suggest that Maywati has also asked BJP leader LK Advani to install one of her statues on his Rath while it’s in Uttar Pradesh, so that the message against corruption is delivered effectively to the masses.

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  • Giribala

    Great!! All this will solve a lot of problems!!!

    • Subir

      Whatever happened with Prashant Bhushan is worthy of unadulterated criticism. This man never lost his cool even on TV shows, not even arguments. And to treat his like this is really really shocking! He is a good man, ruled by his head… an personality analyst has said this

  • Raji

    Brilliant!! Loved this post, after a dry spell:)

  • parul

    “If we can have a puppet Prime Minister, what’s wrong with having a statue Lokpal?” very funny

  • DKBhattacharya

    I am not sure if Mr. Prashant Bhusan’s remark is to be taken seriously neither the one by Sushree Mayabati – but they have their right to say whatever their opinions are. I want to condemn out rightly the cowardly attack by the Shiva seni (or whatever the name is) activists. and well Parul’s remark is v. interesting although I have enough regards for our present PM as a person of unshakable integrity.

  • parul

    i have started having my doubts about our present PM being “a person of unshakable integrity”. Having trust in him now feels more like idol worship than justifiable respect.

  • sanky

    Are these default pictures some cartoon characters or some kind of bugs?