On a day today, which happens to be a Wednesday, and when a terrorist strike killed at least 10 persons in Delhi, UPA government has come out with strong statements condemning the attack and promising to punish the perpetrators of this attack. Last time the government did so was on 13th July, another Wednesday, when terror attacks shook Mumbai. This seems to be the government version of “A Wednesday”.

UPA poster for the movie "A Wednesday"

A Wednesday - UPA style

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  • bhasadman

    cut the crap will u guys
    all we can do is pass a few comments here n there..
    i assume ppl reading this are privileged few who have net access n r educated
    but when it matters elections “We, the elite people..” choose to club weekend with the ‘holiday’ n pay a visit to an exquisite place..
    delhi mumbai are worst hitplaces…what was the voting percentage in last general elections here?
    we can do all the drama claiming to be ‘patriots’ going to ramlila maidan n shutting up anyone who doesnt support anna n mark him as a traitor.WTF
    but elections…noooooo voting

    if u really care abt ur country put ur mind to the situation..become aware of ur rights. n assert urself.ask others to think for gods sake… especially the disadvantaged ones coz they are the numbers aka them out
    else we will choose govts which are impotent…which win elections on waivers n freebies..spends money on crippling ppl not empowering them..

    • Rohit

      please don’t include we when you are talking about your personal stints on weekends.
      being privileged and literate does not mean that an individual stops caring about the society and country as a whole.
      “WE” the people who does not vote are the individuals who know that whichever way the coin falls they would be loosing the bet (mostly we are bound to choose a less corrupt individual from a more corrupt one )
      Going to ramlila maidan might seem like a “drama” to you rather than a social revolution probably because your shallow eyes cannot see through the real cause of public support for Anna,. Yes chants were for Anna but the fight was against corruption . Boiling sentiments of the common people given voice by Anna’s heroics

      • bhasadman

        yeahhh whatever…
        not excercising ur vote is real smart or to use ur word ‘heroic’ and yes also shows REAL concern for society n country as a whole…
        its coz of ppl like u who think this way that u had to visit ramlila maidan
        change comes gradually..but it requires consistent efforts..agreed that there arent great options to choosing leaders.
        but since u dont chose to vote u’ll continue to get similar options.. coz at least by voting u can kick the worst ones out..
        how many times will u go to ramlila maidan…how many times will u blackmail authorities ?
        if a section want reservation they show mass movement. if a section doesnt it does too…as for corruption…how many of the ‘drama artists’ will get their challans on crossing red light.?
        how many will want to pay exact faires for getting a birth in trains?
        how many will pay the exact amount of taxes?

        • bhasadman

          hats off to bhasadman….:)

    • Adesh Midha

      You truly justify your name bhasadman

      • bhasadman

        thank you Mr Midha :)

  • seemantini

    I completely agree with bhasadman … You’re bang on!

  • HoRahaBharatNirmaan

    Our PM nd Home Minister look so serious to fight terror. Hope they will be successful with the solid guidance of Sonia ji.

    • fucker


      • Saurabh Mehra

        Super Like