New Delhi. In the first ever instance of its kind, a terrorist died yesterday after hearing all round condemnation of terrorism by leaders in India and around the world. The terrorist, whose name has been requested to be withheld by his organization, couldn’t sustain the massive blows that were falling on him from all corners as one leader after another condemned the cowardly and dastardly act of killing defenseless people by planting bombs at civilian places.

“He was feeling very drained out and dejected since yesterday morning,” an aide of the dead terrorist said, “The moment Indian Home Minister P Chidambaram condemned the Delhi blast in the strongest terms through a written statement in the parliament, he started getting restless and complained of nausea.”

P Chidambaram

One of the threatening postures by P Chidambaram that struck terror into the heart of the terrorist, who was condemned severely for indulging in terrorist activities.

It should be noted that Chidambaram had appealed to the parliament and to the citizens of India not to get intimidated by the terror attacks, for “the objective of the terrorist groups was to strike fear and destabilize the government”.

“He was distraught after realizing that the Indian Home Minister knew everything about his objectives and had even taken preventive steps by not getting intimidated,” the dead terrorist’s friend revealed how the unsuspecting terrorist was given a deadly blow by the condemnation that had followed an hour after a bomb blast took place at Delhi High Court yesterday.

Soon every Indian leader condemned the blast and nonstop condemnations started falling in on the helpless terrorist from every corner, with even leaders from Pakistan, China, and USA condemning the terror attack.

“He complained of an acute pain in heart when he came to know about strong condemnation from the Indian President Pratibha Patil,” the dead terrorist’s colleague recalled with horror the hardships his friend had to go through yesterday.

“He succumbed to his injuries once he heard the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh condemning the terrorist attacks and declaring that they won’t succumb to the pressure of terrorism,” he said.

The terrorist organization, which is fearful of its market value going down if its name was revealed, accepted that it was an “intelligence failure” on their part not to have armed and trained the now deceased terrorist against such condemnation that are always expected after any terror attack.

“We are not ashamed to accept that we failed,” the leader of the concerned terrorist organization told Faking News, “We are not going to look for excuses like those who recklessly condemned and killed our friend.”

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  • Shark

    Still Relevant

  • Someone

    My eyes are full of tears for this modern Abhimanyu!
    What is NHRC doing about it?

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  • KD

    Really the best one from FN!!!
    No one knows the aftermath though which goes as this-
    soon after coming to know of this TRAGIC death, Chiddy, MMS and Sonia went to his family with flowers offering condolences. Secular Mulayam declared financial help of 10 lakh to the bereaved family and announced a road on this poor terrorist’s name… Touching Secular people!

  • Charles L. D. Charles

    I still read this and laugh again..