Mumbai. In order to maintain social harmony in the largest democracy of the world, filmmaker Prakash Jha has agreed to delete “objectionable” scenes from his upcoming movie Aarakshan, and replace them with random item songs showing cleavages of random women. The decision was taken after some political parties objected to some of the dialogues in the movie, which they thought could disturb peace and tranquility in the country.

“They told me that it could create even law and order problems,” Jha informed why he fell in line with the demands of the political parties, “They told me not to worry about the duration of the movie and its business prospects as they offered me ‘license’ to use any existing item song and put it in Aarakshan to compensate for the deleted scenes.”

“No producer will object to Prakash Jha using songs from his movie,” RPI leader Ramdas Athawale clarified, and requested Mr. Jha to especially use “Razia Gundon Mein Phans Gayi” item song featuring Mallika Sherawat, as it was his favorite song.

Aarakshan movie poster

Apparently Indians can’t watch this movie without attacking each other, hence they must look the other way.

“We have just performed our duties as censor board, and we will perform our duties as a legal arbiter if there are any copyright or royalty disputes arising out of the use of the songs. The movie can be released now,” the RPI leader added.

Sources inform that earlier Prakash Jha had planned to go the SRK way by insisting on an uncut release of Aarakshan, and turning the movie into a “freedom of speech” flashpoint as Shah Rukh Khan had done with My Name Is Khan. He even tried to convince his crew.

“Amitabh Bachchan didn’t like the idea as he wanted to be politically correct, while other stars were already confused about issues surrounding the film after interacting with college students during film promotions,” a close aide of the filmmaker told Faking News, “Jhaji clearly missed someone like SRK, I guess.”

Nonetheless, Prakash Jha is hopeful of the movie doing well despite those important dialogues being replaced with item songs. He cited the example of the movie “Murder 2”, which was successful because it had an item song of Yana Gupta and various scenes showing Jacqueline Fernandez in short clothes.

“Yes, it was a socially responsible movie. Filmmakers should learn from Bhatts,” Ramdas Athawale said.

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19 Responses to “Prakash Jha agrees to replace all objectionable scenes in Aarakshan with random item songs”

  1. Well, i’m just thankful that 60% of the movie tickets are not reserved for caste..! atleast there we can see equality and fair play by the government!! 😀

  2. Rajiv Kumar August 12, 2011

    really enjoyed reading is really unfortuante that some politicians have taken up the role of censor board..going by this logic the movies should not show rape,murder, fight etc

  3. The movie is about private coaching and not on reservation.The name aarakshan is choosen to generate buzz around the movie.

  4. my heart ful thanks to jha to replace all objectionble scenes in aarakshan… thanks again for bringing again pair of ‘love aaj kal’ to the screen again along with big b this time…

  5. Aarakshan mercilessly eioxplts prejudices against SC/ST/OBC (depressed classes) for commercial benefits. The film crew maintained false notion that it is about reservation & misguided society into a debate which is not there & created panic. Rather it deals with conflict among privileged caste Khatriya, Viashya & Brhamin. Such exploitation is irresponsible from the part of filmmaker, producer & film’s unit.I have never seen such a movie where 600 million depressed class has been made fun of. And trying to reviving only Aryan civilization. What was the purpose of personifying Seila Dixit as CM Shakuntala Dixit in the end as philanthropic. Are we poor then her? Everyone knows that she is a Brhamin and involved in Commonwealth scam. Why there are so many Brhamin teachers in the class? Is this movie from 1930 or tries to create 1930?Film’s director Prakash Jha and Amitabh continued saying that SC/ST/OBC should not shy away from debate on reservation or caste problem. But seeing the film, it is as if they are the one who used poor people’s emotion to earn money. The movie sidelines SC/ST/OBC and enters in the Mhabharathaa (epic war) of Aryans (privileged caste Hindus with three castes Brhamin, Kshatriya and Vaishya). So there is no debate in the film on caste issue but inter-clan debate of Aryans, between Brhamins versus Vishyas of Gandhi versus Hindu Parishad (Hindu Organization). And thereby dilutes the presence of depressed classes in movie too as there in reality. Indian government should ban this in the favor of the nation.At least Prakash Jha could thought of our nation and its reputation.