Mumbai. A week after she announced that she “would not mind trying for the IIMs”, Poonam Pandey has already become a business school icon. IIPM, in a coup of sorts, has announced that the Kingfisher calendar girl and a cricketing icon, Poonam was the new brand ambassador of the Mecca of management education, IIPM, which is ahead of all IIMs in terms of global exposure.

An IIPM marketing staff, who did not want to be named, informed that IIPM was “delighted” at catching this rare fish for their brand ambassadorship, for she had all the qualities the institute desired.

“She keeps her promises, is subdued in her own promotion, and wants to provide great services to the common man of India. All the qualities that IIPM stands for and espouses!” he said, with a twinkle in his eyes.

Poonam Pandey

IIPM is planning to put up this poster of Poonam Pandey, which is currently her Twitter background, in their prospectus. The move is aimed at attracting fresh admissions to their campuses all over India.

He further informed that the brand ambassadorship of Shah Rukh Khan, who currently endorses education at IIMs by conducting quizzes on the campuses, has been called off with immediate effect after some IIPM students at Bangalore accused the Bollywood superstar of misleading them.

“Hopefully, now no one will question the messages conveyed by Poonam. She is a perfect fit for the institute’s image. Just as she has kept her promises so far, IIPM has also kept all its promises,” the IIPM staff claimed.

When reminded by this correspondent that Miss Pandey had still not kept her promise made before the World Cup, the staff clarified, “She has been misquoted and that too out of context. She meant the Football World Cup, not the Cricket one. And yes, India has to defeat Brazil in the final. She wants our football team to be number one.”

“In fact, this is another area where her image is similar to ours. She too is often misunderstood, just as we are. One just has to look at our great advertising and our great campuses to see that we are not making false promises,” he added.

On being further probed, the IIPM’s marketing staff conceded that Shah Rukh Khan was asking for too much money for brand ambassadorship.

“Guess he was looking to fund his Ra.One promotion expenses through IIPM money,” he revealed, “In fact, he even asked Arindam Sir to endorse the movie as there was ‘one’ in the movie title. He wanted our magazines to rank Ra.One as number one movie. But we are against paid news.”

When asked how much was offered to Poonam Pandey, he declined to give a figure but hinted, “She might get a paid job to teach a course on ‘Business and Personal Ethics’. If she takes it up, she will get a Ph.D thesis on ‘Respectful treatment of Women in Media’ free with that.”

“Of course,” the IIPM staff said when asked if Poonam Pandey will also get a laptop and a chance to visit Paris.

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  • Rohan

    Breaking News……

    IIPM has ditched Poonam Pandey…….

    Their latest brand ambassador is Sunny Leone!!!!!

    • Manish

      haha.. why? because its Indian Institute of Pornography Management? :D

  • http://GoogleNews SJK

    Shame on IIPM for resorting to immoral call girl tactics. I will not study or associate with such a cheap self respect. They are the types who would sell their mothers, wives and daughters for their pleasures. I think the so called A Chaudri who leads IIPM is only fit to clean celebrity @sses. IIPM has no scope in business or in teaching they will eventually shut down and maybe introduce free massage sessions with their courses before they can shut down. Shame on them and historical patterns suggest that Poonam Pandey may commit suicide within a few years when she will be treated like a rabid dog in the society.

    • vik

      dude chill, its ‘faking’ news,,,,,*yawn*…!

      • Arindam Chaudhary

        Hey SJK,
        Whats wrong in this? Why this kolavari di?
        You shud come to iipm and discover the diamond in urself.
        Dare to think beyond Poonam Pandey… think Sunny Leone…

  • swapnil

    Next in line:
    Poonam pandey to strip to for 50% girls reservation in eng- colleges.

    • Rajya Vardhan

      Well Said.

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