New Delhi. A couple of days after Apple announced new features for their operating system iOS 5, Microsoft has come up with a similar announcement, but specifically targeted at the Indian market. The software giant has decided to release a special version of Windows 8 for India, which replaces many traditional icons and settings of the operating system with Indian names for better understanding of the Indian masses.

“India remains one of the largest consumers of Windows and we are indebted to the people over there. We thought we must do something that recognizes and rewards this steadfast support that Indians have given us,” Microsoft founder Bill Gates said in a philanthropic mood.

Faking News technological correspondent couldn’t understand some of the technical upgrades that Microsoft announced, but he found some of the terminological changes quite interesting and relevant for the masses.

One of the major changes is Congress leader Rahul Gandhi becoming an “icon”. Although Rahul Gandhi had been termed ‘Style icon’, ‘Youth icon’, and ‘Gay icon’ on earlier occasions by the media, this for the first time Rahul Gandhi has been “officially” declared an icon by any organization.

Although many other leaders too have become icons, the case of Rahul Gandhi is important as Congress has termed it as a victory for “aam aadmi”.

Faking News can’t verify if the common man of India has really won with this development. We leave it upon their own good judgment to check for themselves.

Following are the major changes announced by Microsoft:

New Microsoft Windows icons

Modern icons of India

(based on this scoop by Tantanoo)

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  1. Tan says:

    btw MS is the co responsible for all this debacle Had they not rigged the Voting machines UPA wouldnt b in power Today … they r all set to UPGrade Rahul

  2. whatami says:

    Display settings..LOL 🙂

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