California, USA. After internet, smartphones, and home appliances, Google Inc. is all set to get into clothing and fashion. The internet giant has announced the next generation of apparels that would record and analyze a wearer’s preferences, and auto-suggest wardrobe settings for him/her.

These set of “smart clothes” will be available in the market by this year end and help users dress up just right for any occasion.

“We are using a variant of our tried and tested and trusted algorithm that auto-completes Google search terms and suggests relevant advertisements based on the content of a page being viewed,” Google co-founder Larry Page informed Faking News, “Awkward sense of dressing and crimes against fashion would be a thing of past now.”

Google Girl

This popular image, often referred as the “Google Girl” has been chosen as the beta advertisement for the smart-clothes.

As per the proposed technology, each smart-cloth will be fitted with a microchip that will contain every minute detail about that particular piece of cloth e.g. its fabric, texture, color, pattern, price, date of manufacture, etc. apart from a wearer’s history with the cloth such as the last worn date and time, average time it was on body, locations visited by the wearer, et al.

Based on this data set, the microchip will communicate with other microchips present on different pieces of clothes owned by a user, and it will suggest the user what else to wear along with that shirt or trouser, whichever is worn by the user first.

“The moment you put our smart-shirt on, the trouser that would go along well with that shirt will start blinking in your cupboard, and you won’t need to spend even a minute thinking which combination you should wear for the party tonight,” Larry Page said.

Larry confirmed that the clothes for women would be priced higher as the algorithm required for women’s clothing and dressing is “way too complex” and requires higher processing powers, but assured that the smart clothes would not be prohibitively priced.

“It will also check instances of wardrobe malfunctions,” Larry further elaborated the benefits of smart-clothes, “You will get a 404-error (file not found) if you forget to put on your underwear.”

Google clothes are currently in beta stage and will be launched with basic features by this year end. Further technological innovations could enable the smart clothes with touch and sense technology, which would enable a person to roll up his sleeves just by tapping the cuff of his shirt.

Internet and lifestyle experts believe that Google clothes would be a runaway success and would force fashion designers and garment houses to use Google APIs while designing new clothes, while it could inspire companies like Facebook to launch similar products.

“You know, a Facebook series of clothes, which will suggest you which person to ‘like’ and be friends with based on the kind of clothes the other person is wearing,” an expert opined.

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28 Responses to “Google to make shirts that would auto-suggest matching trousers”

  1. Dubby49 May 19, 2011

    “You will get a 404-error (file not found) if you forget to put on your underwear.” – ROFLMAO

  2. Ba-lek June 20, 2011

    You must be having a laugh!It will never work.Human adults & a lot of teenagers do not like been told what to wear by anyone let alone a microchip.Maybe the gullible empty headed fashion freaks will end up looking and beeping like an alarm clock.The combinations of Google fashion and Facebook attraction seems to be saying something for the brain which will eventually cease to function.

    • चाचा चौधारी September 16, 2011

      Human adults and lot of teenagers also do not like being told what they were possibly searching for.

  3. simply awesome……..:):)

  4. If Microsoft plans to compete they would never enter into undergarment industry, coz they like the systems to hang 😀

  5. I knew google would do that one day….We will lose all our privacy!!

  6. LMAO…brilliant thinking man…one of FN’s best

  7. Wonder how the Hacking community would respond. Ha ha.

  8. mast tha bawa…maja aa gaya.. Ab Diggi ki jagah Sibbal ki lena shuru karo.

  9. Perla Zimmerman December 12, 2011

    I am interested in your experiment. Saw your posting on Michelle Scism’s Fan Page.

  10. Steve jobs cant think of this product…….