After claiming that the hearts of Indians could never be as big and gracious as those of Pakistanis and Muslims (by his logic), Pakistani cricket captain Shahid Afridi today got to witness something that changed his thinking yet again. He happened to see arguably the biggest heart of the world, and was apparently not so comfortable after witnessing it. Reports suggest Afridi could issue a contradictory statement yet again.

Afridi realizes meaning of his statement

Afridi realizes meaning of his statement

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  • harry

    whats wrong wit gauti dedicating the win to the mumbai attack victims…?? loser, going back home , snug in his bed covering his face and crying out…

  • Jigna Khajuria

    It was plain stupid of Afridi to make such remarks. Thumbs down to you, Afridi.

  • DD

    According to afridi pakistanis are blessed with saaf dil (clean hearted). And how is it that these saaf dil people manage to indulge in match fixing, spot fixing, ball tampering, changing colours every now & then. Well at those particular moments the dils are left at the laundrys for safai. Way to go Mr. Saaf dil.

  • I think DD’s comment says it all.. 🙂

    nice comment DD.. 😀

  • Gowtham

    Whats really irritating is that he said “Pakistanis and Muslims”. That shows how ‘big’ his heart is!

    • sandhya


  • raviteja

    may be pakistanis and afridi forgot the attack on srilankan team touring pakistan.. vutna saaf dil hai tho srilankan team pe kya tera baap attack kara tha kya…

  • arsaman

    friends its not his fault its his education that needs to be blamed. …Poor illiterate….

    • rakhi

      madarsa has ruined him…:(

  • Crass

    No wonder Pakistan pe jake bola