Delhi. An IIT dropout, who decided to pursue his dreams and love of writing by taking admission in B.A. English (Hons.) course, is finding the curriculum and environment as dull and uninteresting as his engineering one, in fact, worse at times.

Last year, 18-years-old Manoj Manu, under lingering influence of movies like 3 Idiots and numerous articles before and after the movie, had decided to drop out of his Computer Engineering course at IIT Delhi to pursue a course in literature. Now he finds himself distraught and disillusioned again.

“Man, this sucks!” Manoj confided to Faking News in an exclusive interview, “The girls are hot okay, but nobody seems to be interested in literature at all! They (fellow students) don’t discuss any books, essays, or poetry, and the professor wants me to sing praises of some idiotic shit that he wrote and got published seven years ago.”

DU students

Manoj claims that these students might not be essentially laughing at a satire by Mark Twain

Manoj had spent three months at Aravali House in IIT Delhi studying basics of engineering before he realized that his heart was not into it. During those three months, he had written at least two dozen articles on his blog, including five romantic poems, which made him decently famous and respected.

“I think my blog was read in all the IITs and other engineering colleges; I had had coffee with almost every girl on the campus,” Manoj recalled his good old days, “Majority of the comments I received on my blog said that I wrote better than Chetan Bhagat and I should try to become a full time writer.”

Egged by such comments and after a prolonged battle lasting another three months with his parents, Manoj decided to drop out of his engineering course to pursue a bachelor’s degree in literature at Delhi University.

Now he thinks it’s the same shit everywhere.

“Every damn guy or girl has the same criticism to offer on a piece of poetry or prose,” Manoj complains, “And I’m sick of terms like postmodernism, neoclassicism, post-structuralism, blah blah; It’s almost like saying that a rose is a plant of the Rosa genus under the Rosaceae family. Please, excuse me of these technical terms and let me enjoy the beauty of rose!”

In the last term exam, Manoj got average marks and fared poorly than students who relied on some King Champion guide for literature.

“It almost reminded of those Kundra-Bawa guides for Social Studies that I used to rely upon my school days as I was more interested in Maths and Sciences,” Manoj said.

Manoj now badly misses his IIT days as he wakes up daily to catch DU special DTC bus to attend classes, where nobody, not even him now, seems to be interested in literature.

“I don’t know,” he said when asked if he was thinking of dropping out again.

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38 Responses to “IIT dropout finds B.A. English syllabus equally uninteresting”

  1. Atin Kukreja April 26, 2011

    this is brilliant. keep it up, guys!!!

  2. meghavarshini April 27, 2011

    what an ass! taking up literary criticism! don’t people know that English Hons is not a frivolous passtime but a serious academic line of education?

  3. I relied on Kundra Bawa for social science! Good ole days 🙂

    • Pankaj Batra April 30, 2011

      me too..reminded me of the old days.. a class mate of mine called it ‘Kutta Bandar’ for reasons known only to him..

  4. awesome

    “kundra bawa” line was so nostalgic…!!!

  5. Raveesh May 1, 2011

    “postmodernism, neoclassicism, post-structuralism, blah blah”

    As long as this topic is under discussion, do you guys know that one computer engineer actually made a program to generate ‘criticism’ articles – totally meaningless of course. However, a similar article was actually published by a leading magazine on criticism – obviously they could not distinguish it from the ‘real’ articles.

  6. Nagendra March 14, 2012

    faking news you were interesting once!! what shit you write now?? by the way this so callled IItian is a bastard who doesn want anyhthg.. he is so inconsistent that he wont be happy having the conforts of heaven!! he deserves hell ass.