Pakistani cricket captain Shahid Afridi’s pose of standing still with both his arms up in the air, making a victory-sign of sorts, has become his trademark style of celebrations on field, but his frequent pose has irritated many, including Bollywood Dabangg Salman Khan. To stop Afridi from repeating the same pose during India-Pakistan world cup semi-final match at Mohali, Salman decided to take help of someone:

Salman Khan vs Shahid Afridi

Salman Khan vs Shahid Afridi featuring The Great Khali

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33 Responses to “Salman Khan decides to teach Afridi a lesson before Mohali”

  1. LOL! 😀

  2. shehryar… why are u wasting your energy dude?? we dun care.. 26/11?? 2 boys bashing indians asses and whole of the fucking indian community just staring at the burning… i WISH those brave guys were pakistanis… althought that was ur self created drama.
    plus WE hate you more than u do becuase we get to sweep our roads, masajid,schools, buildings after the bomb attacks by the people who are fed by indian agencies.. u think we want peace after wat RAW along wid CIA has been doing on pakistani soil~ huh! dream on! and create wateva fake news u want… dogs keep barking and caravan keeps moving.. so bye bye!

    • Rushabh April 7, 2011


      hmmm…………….Your comments does show the nature of your people, supporting terrorism, I feel really pity for you people.

      Your country and people are having this black cancer. I think its too late to cure this, but being your neighbor I say to you and your people – “get well soon” .

    • chup kar be madarchod….laudu..katuwe.

  3. Khali ka kya connection lolz

  4. crass ap has kyu rahe hai yeh joke ta kya aur wese bi khali aur salman khan ka buhat hi bara connection hai