Mumbai. Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni and hugely popular fast bowler Ashish Nehra have decided to return the favor to Bipasha Basu, who along with Abhishek Bachchan and other actors of the upcoming movie Dum Maaro Dum, had attended the world cup match between India and South Africa last Saturday, apparently to support team India.

Nehra believes that more than Indian cricket team, it’s Bipasha Basu’s career that needs star support currently.

Ashish Nehra

Nehra also dismissed criticism that batsmen see the ball as a big football when he bowls

All The Best, Pankh, Lamhaa, and Aakrosh; those are the last four movies by Bips,” said Ashish Nehra, making his first public appearance since the Nagpur match, “The box-office performance of these films are comparable to the performance of last four balls bowled by me in the last over of the last match.”

But Dhoni, who had earlier run between cameras with Bipasha Basu during an ad-shoot for Reebok shoes, didn’t quite agree with Nehra’s comparison.

“If we had to support an actor’s career, we’d have rather decided to support Abhishek Bachchan,” he said.

The Indian captain claimed that that he was greatly moved by Bipasha’s selfless love for cricket and team India during the last match, and that was the sole reason why he had decided to return the favor.

Bipasha and Dhoni in a Reebok ad

Mahendra Singh Dhoni appreciated Bipasha Basu for supporting his boys

“No, I don’t think she was there to promote her film. Well of course she wanted to cheer us up; how can you be so naive?” Dhoni rejected criticisms that Bipasha and the entire star cast of Dum Maaro Dum were trying to promote the movie during the match that India lost.

Faking News reminded Dhoni that boxer Vijendra Singh had lost his match in Beijing Olympics two years ago when Bipasha decided to support him, and asked the Indian captain whether it proved that Bipasha brought bad luck to sportspersons.

“Not at all, this is as bad as comparison that claims that India loses each time Sachin scores a century,” Dhoni defended Bipasha yet again, and in the process finally defended Sachin as well.

The date and venue of Dhoni and Nehra making a public appearance to watch the movie have been kept secret for security reasons.

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13 Responses to “Dhoni, Nehra to watch “Dum Maaro Dum” to support Bipasha Basu”

  1. “hugely popular fast bowler Ashish Nehra ” 😀

  2. The box-office performance of these films are comparable to the performance of last four balls bowled by me in the last over of the last match….lol

  3. Now the match and the movie both got ‘promotion’ by Faking News! 😉

  4. Wah. I linked your article to my blog, you linked my blog to your article.

  5. Alright March 16, 2011

    Dear Team India,

    Team Jesus had just one Judas and eleven supporting apostles but still one took him down, Sachin has 10 Judas in every match trying their level best to take him down but he is still standing tall and above all mere mortals after over two decades, paying price for the sins of the rest 10.

    Please Leave him alone – Promote Bipasha, Deepika, for fuck sake even Rakhi Sawant. Come to the field do an average job , just an average and leave the rest to Sachin. He will take care of everything; just don’t fuck up all the time.
    I was always a fan of tennis but cricket remained close to my heart only because of the god called Sachin. Promote any shit in the world you want, No one cares – This is probably his last world cup only because of his age , considering performance it should be the last world cup for the entire team but Sachin. Please do an average Job, in Last 10 overs when you have 60 balls score 60 runs, alright 50? But please stop fucking around in the field.

    If Sachin retires before India wins a World Cup, quite honestly no one will ever forgive you. Hope you remain average and the let the God of cricket do his job.

    Wish I could say Regards,

    Disgusted Indian Cricket team supporter a.k.a Proud Sachin Fan

    • SachinSucks March 16, 2011

      Go watch a sachin innings and jerk off yourself while you are at it.

      • SachinRocks March 16, 2011

        gaand mara le madarchod, aur apne baap se marwaana. oh sorry, tuze to apne baap ka naam hi nahi malum hoga 😀

        • SachinSucks March 18, 2011

          Tere ko to pata hai na tera baap kaun hai, tu mara le jaake. ya fir gaand bhi sachin se hi marwayega????

          Saale tere ko usne apna loda chusaya tha kya jo tu uske tatto ki tarah latak raha hai???

      • donbhan March 17, 2011

        Shut up and jerk yourself all while you are at it.

        • Really only Sachin is playing now… But the fact is every time he scores a century, India lose the match… Statistics tells that…. Its not my word :))

          Anyways, India team sucks now….

          2003 Team India was the best !!!!!

          • Monish Menon March 19, 2011

            India have won 33 of the 48 centuries he has scored!