Kharagpur. An IIT student here has developed an algorithm to evenly distribute time spent by a girl among all the boys on campus for the coming Valentine’s Day. With this, Sudhir Das, 19, a second year B. Tech in Industrial Engineering student, has claimed to solve the acute problem of lack of girls on campus in engineering colleges, and has hoped that this Valentine’s Day would prove to be “satisfactory” for everyone.

“For the last few months I have been noticing and noting the daily routine and activities of the girls; the places they visit inside or outside the campus, the time spent on those places, times when they were ‘unavailable’, etc.” explained Sudhir, “I didn’t need to do the same for boys as I assumed they would always be available.”

Holi celebrations by engineering college students

Some unidentified students of an engineering college preponed Holi celebration to celebrate the solution to their original problem

Sudhir claims to have developed a constraint programming problem that aimed to come up with a “work schedule” for boys so that they happen to be in company of a girl for at least five minutes on Valentine’s Day.

“Girls just need to follow the same schedule even on Valentine’s Day and the problem would be solved,” Sudhir said.

A boarder of Nehru Hall, Sudhir says his algorithm is a complex form of simplex algorithm, which he was forced to work on when some of the students of IIT Kharagpur, who grudged a tiny minority of boys having girlfriends, started demanding a ban on Valentine’s Day.

“This could have given bad name to the institute, hence I decided to follow the girls wherever they went and came up with a precious data set to work on,” Sudhir revealed.

Sudhir is hopeful that the girls would “co-operate” and follow their general work schedule on Monday so that “balance” and “harmony” is maintained on the campus.

“I know they would be tempted to spend the whole day with their boyfriends, but they could do that on some other day,” suggested Sudhir, “Or if they could schedule meetings with their boyfriends at times when they were marked ‘unavailable’ in the data collection process.”

Sudhir refused to explain the term ‘unavailable’ and instead has requested the girls to approach him in person in case they were interested.

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26 Responses to “IIT student develops valentine scheduling algorithm for girls”

  1. good one sudhir, we appreciate ur idea…but where is ur soln??

  2. Now I know why KGP is ahead of IIT B and D in terms of research….Pity the solution wasn’t available few years back else I too would have enjoyed the company of a non-male for few minutes…

  3. what’s the complexity of this algorithm… more importantly, is it open source?

  4. I think for IITian’s 5 mins are more than enough…

  5. I thought it was a faking news story titled – “SM Krishna reads Portuguese minister’s speech at UN” 🙂

  6. Prasenjit February 14, 2011

    ” ….. is a complex form of simplex algorithm ” LOL !!!!

  7. Well Sudhir just reinvented the wheel. This algorithm is nothing but game theory, remember John Forbes Nash …???

    “In a team every one works for them self & for the betterment of the team. ”

    Considering all boys as a team, they have to do a multi level round robin algorithm to share the girlS ( yes you read is correct its girlS not girl. I.E every boy can be with more than one girl for a time slice he has been allocated. ).

    Coming to complicity & space constraints.

    Worst case:- the team of boys break & they become selfish, no one gets anyone there by destroying the work of Nash 🙂

    best case:- each boy will get more than one girl to be with & possibly for more than once in a give day.

    avg case:- considering the probability of no girl on campus thereby every boy in the campus is happy & not jealous dudes who have girls friends. 😉

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  9. lolzzz… wish things were so easy

  10. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!