New Delhi. Congress has strongly objected to the incident of a retired police officer wiping mud off Mayawati’s shoes as she talked to others, claiming that such sycophancy didn’t suit non-Congress parties and leaders. The grand old political party has further served a legal notice on the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister accusing her of rampantly copying Congress’ policies and culture without any due credit or compensation.

“First she started building random monuments and parks named after public figures, then she wore garland of money, and now this,” Congress spokesman and lawyer Manish Tewari said, “This is a clear case of copying us blatantly.”

Sonia Gandhi as Rani Laxmibai

A Congress leader’s tribute to Sonia Gandhi

Tewari claimed that the act of wiping the mud off Mayawati’s shoes was inspired by the “achievement” of Maharashtra minister and Congress leader Ramesh Bagwe, who carried chappals (slippers) of Rahul Gandhi almost exactly a year back.

“What next? Will Mayawati drive a bicycle on Lucknow roads in track suits?” wondered Mr. Tewari.

Apart from serving a legal notice and seeking a compensation of 1.5 lakhs life-size Mayawati statues made in gold, Congress has also decided to protest against this public show of sycophancy by BSP friendly elements by organizing state wide rallies, where party workers will wipe the dust off all the hoardings and posters of Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi in the state.

Meanwhile BSP is unfazed with both the criticism as well as the legal notice. Party sources inform that the workers have already averred to double their levels of sycophancy and even make a show out of it, as they had done last time by presenting a second garland made of money to Mayawati when the first one was criticized.

“Of course we can’t ask Behenji to walk in mud again,” said a BSP strategist, “We are in talks with Imagine TV to host a celebrity special show of ‘Zor Ka Jhatka – Total Wipeout’ where Behenji might fall in one of those mud-pools. The moment that happens, every party worker would assemble and start wiping off the mud.”

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9 Responses to “Congress sues Mayawati for copyright violation over sycophancy”

  1. “What next? Will Mayawati drive a bicycle on Lucknow roads in track suits?” – 2012 – end of the world now looks plausible…isn’t it?

  2. We Knew this was coming :-),,,,, Keep it up PP 🙂

  3. plz write sumthing on Eden Garden unpreparedness for world-cup… This incident reminds us about the “Satire Boom” era of CWG Games… 🙂

  4. Congress should know that sycophancy is in the public domain….

  5. This ones got the PP stamp over it! Awesome!

  6. Regarding that Chappal incident…it was N.Tiwari who did it for sanjay gandhi.. NDTV last night 9

  7. hahaha… look at rahul gandu in photo, looks like a piece of shit with a shitty face… 🙂

  8. Wasn’t there a story wherein a knight laid his cloak on the path of a lady to prevent her feet from getting wet by a water puddle on the way. I belive this is a example of high chivalry. We are finally catching up with the west,

  9. Didn’t some Rajasthan Minister of Congress already took offence and launched a counter attack and given examples that they are too far ahead in sycophancy from even Indira Gandhi days and these Mayawati’s chamchas are just kids who can’t beat them ever??….He pleaded with congress workers not to get demoralized and “encouraged” them to do better after this Mayawati incident ??? 🙂