New Delhi. While the rest of India keenly followed the prices of cricketers being sold in the IPL-4 auctions, millions of dollars were stealthily deposited in some secret accounts of Swiss banks by scamsters and corrupt officials during the same time. In fact, the moment a cricketer was declared sold at the auctions, the scamsters used to transfer an amount equal to the sold price into their accounts.

“Well, we thought to have some fun as the rest of our Indian brothers and sisters,” said a completely corrupt politician on conditions of anonymity, who informed that the corrupt guys of India had divided all the cricketers amongst themselves and used to transfer money to their respective accounts as soon as the auction hammer was put down.

Some guy at IPL auction

Each time that little hammer came down, some thousands of dollars flew outside India

As per rules of the game these corrupt guys were playing, the person with the maximum transferred amount at the end of the day was supposed to win this unique “Premier League” and all the other corrupt guys were required to transfer one million rupees each to his or her secret Swiss Bank account as a token of “appreciation”.

“Thank god I didn’t choose Lara or Dada or I’d have all the money that I had made from 2G auction left un-transferred,” said an elated “King” (the codename at Swiss Bank), the winner of the game who had chosen players like Gautam Gambhir, Robin Uthappa and Yusuf Pathan.

“It’s a victory of Indian values like secularism and democracy,” said “King”, referring to the choice of his cricketers and the “democratic” way they were divided among all the corrupt guys of India.

This special game of transferring black money was organized to put the corrupt guys “at ease” in the new year and to reassure them that everything was fine and hunky-dory in the country.

“We have been transferring money regularly for years, but this was really refreshing this time,” another corrupt player taking part in the game said, “I think more such events should be organized for us corrupts.”

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8 Responses to “Millions of dollars deposited in Swiss bank while nation watched IPL auctions”

  1. In middle of all madness, thanks for the reality check! Good one.

  2. There should be something like Indian Spectrum League! 😉

  3. Sohail Ahmad January 9, 2011


  4. But we never learn and still watch IPL with the same enthusiasm, We can put an end to this by stop watching IPL.

    • not we, only YOU never learn. I haven’t watched a single game of IPL till today.

  5. DoggyBindra January 10, 2011

    I could’nt wait to get out to read fakingnews uff…
    PP, No article on much awaited BB4 closing ceremony?

  6. According to confirmed sources the corrupt politicians were heard speaking with a sense of shock , “How can Delhi buy Irfan Pathan for USD 1.9 million. We are all shocked. He was worth many more million. We are aghast and disgusted at the parsimony shown by the bidders….!!”
    Sources told later that scamsters were banking heavily on Irrfan Pathan keeping in mind his robust performance in Street Cricket he played in recent times in Baroda. However, Yusuf Pathan’s engagement at international events marred the performance of the younger sibling.

  7. Rahul Gupta January 11, 2011

    And what about venugopal rao