Mumbai. IPL franchises have expressed “utter disappointment” with BCCI’s unilateral decision to announce the fifteen member squad for the ICC World Cup without consulting any one of them. The regional team owners of the Twenty20 league have claimed that the decision by the BCCI unfairly benefits a few of the franchises while hurts the interests of others.

Franchises have called for a “larger role” for themselves in the national team selection in future.

“With players like Sreesanth and Ravindra Jadeja not being picked for the world cup, Kochi IPL team will have them free and fit before the tournament, while our players could pick unnecessary injuries while trying to win the cup,” a spokesperson of Mumbai Indians expressed his concerns.

Rahul Dravid with Vijay Mallya

“Tell that Zaheer to pick a little injury in South Africa and come here with us before the IPL,” Royal Bangalore Challengers owner Vijay Mallya is reportedly asking Rahul Dravid to convey the message to Indian pacer Zaheer Khan, who is in his IPL team for the year 2011 but currently touring South Africa. Dravid was reportedly unconvinced but under a lot of pressure.

Similar sentiments were echoed by other franchises too, who felt that BCCI was not being “fair” in its dealing and should have invited representatives from all the IPL teams to discuss team selection.

“We would make sure that such mistakes are not repeated in future,” said a senior management executive from Sahara Pune Warriors, who threatened that Sahara India Parivar could think over scrapping its sponsorship contract with the Indian national team if IPL franchises’ interests were further ignored.

According to sources, IPL franchises not only want compulsory representation during any meeting for team selection, but are also demanding “veto power” to stop a player from being selected into the national side.

“It will not only help ‘secure our resources’ (stopping players from getting injured) but we can also stop certain ‘over-ambitious’ players from being capped, so that they don’t become too costly for the future editions of the IPL,” said an IPL executive on conditions of anonymity.

BCCI has currently refused to comment over the concerns of the IPL franchises, but sources say that the board is under tremendous pressure to accept the terms and conditions of the IPL team owners, as many of them have threatened to write to Sharad Pawar, the President of ICC.

“Pawar has no control over prices, they should come to me,” Lalit Modi, the suspended IPL commissioner told Faking News.

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  1. “Pawar has no control over prices, they should come to me,” Lalit Modi, the suspended IPL commissioner told Faking News—–:-) great punch line

  2. *correction needed*





  3. The other side the rumours are that all the franchisee owners wanted egalitarianism in the selection of the team. They wanted equal representation in the EC squad. “We wanted that in the WC squad there should have been one member each of the choice of IPL team owners,” said Mr. SRKK Ganguly, president of newly formded Association of IPL Team Owners. “You see even though we have differences and we fought each other in a nail biting manner during the auction yet the severity of matter forced us to form this association AIPLTO” he further explained.

    Further it was heard that all the IPL team ownersmend
    unanimously wanted Dada to be back in WC squad to mend their wrongdoings during the auctions.

    Finally the patrakar of Faking News asked Mr. SRKK Ganguly that what does SRKK means in his name. “Hey hey hey…SRKK mean Sole Royal King of Kolkata,” laughingly Mr SRKK Ganguly explained “what did you think something like Shah Rukh Khan or what?” ” Don’t ever bring the name ever in your mind also as the same has been banned in Kolkata.”

    The patrakar breath a sigh of relief after getting the real meaning of the name of Mr SRKK Ganguly as he kept thinking about the awkward combination of the name.

  4. upkamath92 January 18, 2011

    you have not done one on Murli Vijay. May be the boy is related to either Srinivasn of BCCI or Srikant or both. I do not find any other reason for him in the national squad that is in SA. What is rather tragic is that the umpires give him out pretty early even in limited over matches. The poor boy cant even play a few balls. How will it harm the SA team if the boy is given an opportunity to face a few more balls?
    Next time he is given out by the umpires in SA, Indians should appeal, crying “Bachhe ki jaan lega kya?”