Mumbai. Parents would no longer need to worry about job and marriage prospects of their sons and daughters as a personal care product manufacturing company has announced fairness cream for infants.

The new product, Fair & Cuddly, is aimed at raising a new generation of fair skinned, and hence confident and successful Indians, by catching them young – as soon as they come out of their mothers’ womb.

“There are many couples who start looking fair after applying our creams, but unfortunately their genes remain dark,” Girish Gorabankar, CEO of Fairskin Private Limited informed, “they are quite disappointed to see a rather dark skinned baby being born, and start worrying if their badminton playing daughter could ever become the brand ambassador of any company.”

Fair & Cuddly

The new cream would be available in the market early next year

Mr. Gorabankar informed that while their research labs were religiously working on developing a cream that could go real deep into the DNA blueprints of dark Indians and make them fair forever, Fairskin decided not to sit idle till that day and instead launch Fair & Cuddly in the meantime.

“Every Indian in the schools, colleges and offices would be fair if we start applying the cream as soon as our kids are born,” Gorabankar said and hoped that all maternity wards and hospitals in the country would keep Fair & Cuddly handy along with caesarian surgical tools.

Fairskin CEO denied that the new cream could have any adverse impact on the sensitive skin of the babies.

“There is nothing to worry,” Mr. Gorabankar rejected the concerns and assured all Indian parents who wished their kids were as fair looking as Neil Nitin Mukesh in Lafangey Parindey even if born in a slum of Mumbai. “Buy Fair & Cuddly and give your child a new life,” he appealed to the parents.

The news has been received largely positively by Indians, who welcomed the arrival of the latest fairness campaign that could help India become a global superpower.

“I wish they come with that DNA changing cream soon,” said Sheila, four months old pregnant mother, “and if that would take long, maybe they could come up with a cream that I can apply over my womb on my belly.”

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  • samir bhattacharya

    how can i purchase this fair and cuddly cream and what is their telephone number or web side address please send my e mail address

  • cruelworld

    This is very disgusting . Before you even think about risking the life of your child with such a cream , think about what the ingredients could be. No melanin inhibiting ingredients out there are proven safe enough to use by the fda so why would you be dumb enough to risk your baby. You may be able to change the color of your skin but you can never change your race and who you are.

  • Sue

    This disgusts me. People should be proud of the skin color they are born with, and they should accept who they are regardless. They are a poor example of parents if that’s all they care about. Is being dark skinned truly bad? If this is the common way people think now it despises me. This perception of beauty saddens me.

  • sowmya

    Where can I get dis produc in hyd .plz help me

    • lakshman

      Hey did u get the place whr u can get fair and cuddly cream. Pls give us the details if u having.

      Thanks in advance

  • lakshman

    Whr can I get , could u pls give us thedetaiks

  • sunit sekeraj pillai

    Plz tell

  • sunit sekeraj pillai

    Wr i con get