New Delhi. Madan Chandra Prasad, a 33-year-old resident of Delhi, won the half marathon for touching Bollywood actress Gul Panag, which was organized on the sidelines of Delhi Half Marathon yesterday. Madan achieved this frequent feat (of touching women) after running 1.69 kilometers in little over seven minutes. An estimated 3000 like-minded men were taking part in this special half marathon for touching Gul.

“It feels good,” said an elated Madan, also referred to as MCP by his friends, who won a bet of 25,000 rupees from his friends for being the first one to touch the Bollywood actress and ex Miss India title holder.

Gul Panag at Mumbai Marathon

Apparently no special marathon for touching Gul Panag was organized when she ran in Mumbai Marathon last year

“Thank God! Kishen was so close and I thought he might beat me, but he was distracted by this rude girl who slapped him for putting his arms across her waist,” Madan shared the exciting moments from the prestigious sporting event.

Madan and at least six of his friends informed that they had been practicing daily and were confident that only someone from their group would be the winner of this marathon that is organized each year in Delhi.

“Even though it’s getting chilly in Delhi these day, we’d wake up early in the morning and go to the nearest jogging parks and run behind those girls and aunties. A couple of them (women) tried to discourage us but we never lost our focus,” Kishen said and hoped that next year he’d beat Madan.

“I hope Gul would be back next year,” he said.

Strangely, Gul Panag doesn’t seem too excited to return next year as she expressed displeasure over men touching her inappropriately many times during the Delhi Half Marathon.

“I had no idea about this other marathon that was taking place,” Gul said even as the organizers of this “other” marathon event remained behind the scenes.

Koi na, Pamela ko bula lenge agle saal (no problem, Pamela would be invited next year),” Madan assured Kishen, though cautioned, “but I fear that these idiots might have one lane reserved for women next year, like they have got it done in the Delhi Metro.”

Unconfirmed reports suggest that Rahul Mahajan was also taking part in the half marathon, which half is yet not clear.

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5 Responses to “Madan wins special half marathon for touching Gul Panag”

  1. Koi na, Pamela ko bula lenge agle saal 🙂

  2. Saffron Raja November 22, 2010

    funny and true

  3. Such cheap men should be not allowed in such
    glorious events. Shame on them for taking pride
    in doing such nasty things.

  4. “Unconfirmed reports suggest that Rahul Mahajan was also taking part in the half marathon, which half is yet not clear…” lol… 😀
    MCP… 😀
    Sadly its true that many men have such a cheap outlook towards women.