A recent poll by The Times of India (Delhi edition, dated 16th October 2010) showed that after the 19th Commonwealth Games got over, 82% of the Indians wanted to bid for and host Olympics. While many thought it surprising, Faking News found out that it indeed was true and many Indians supported the idea.

This week’s Sunday Magazine finds out why this news has brought cheers on the faces on some Indians:

India should host Olympics

Sunday Magazine of Faking News dated 17 October 2010

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  • D.Chatterjee

    If it is true then its a great.. we will have a new source of becoming rich in a single night… let us apply in the management committee from now as there are limited numbers of seats available… Ha ha ha …

    Bravo !! for the pic composition in the cover page ..!!

    If someone asks me what i feel, I would rather say No!!

    Need to sought out the corruption probs first .

    As investing the same money in our athletes, we will be able produce much more world class sports men and women ..

    And India has some other priorities too to look forward ..

    Lets hope for the best !

    Jai hind !

  • BiG B

    Killer picture used for the cover………chha gaye boss…