After making so much fun of the Commonwealth Games, our team is feeling very guilty and suicidal, so we decided not to cover the CWG for our Sunday Magazine. Instead, we are focusing on another alleged loot-fest that took place a couple of years back – the 2G spectrum allocation scam. The estimated size of this scam is dozens time more the whole budget of the CWG.

Why are there no well-known 2G spectrum scam jokes yet?

Sunday Magazine of Faking News dated 26 September 2010

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5 Responses to “Why are there no well-known 2G spectrum scam jokes yet?”

  1. 2G scandal is the largest loot by the politicians of INDIA.

  2. Saffron Raja September 27, 2010

    This is what CBI found:

    Mobile phone calls have become practically free due to excessive service competition introduced by my “real estate cronies” since I gave them 2G spectrum. Aam aadmi/aurat has embraced this one “deflationary” policy in UPA Raj and voted us back to power. PMS, who is a heart patient suffering from acute “inflation”, recognized my ability to deliver “deflation” and awarded me with a second cabinet term.

    Meanwhile, my cronies duped some foreign telecoms into buying this spectrum and made a gigantic profit. So, Indians have only benefitted from this 2G spectrum and the only losers are foreigners who were scamsters looking for easy money. The media hates me because I got to them before Wall Street did. God bless them.

    Furthermore, these foreigners are now begging me to take this “cursed” spectrum back for a fraction of what I sold it for. So, I will get the 2G spectrum back and PMS can now have his billionaire auction.

    Nothing wrong here.

  3. pectrum SMS
    2G spectrum
    total corruption Rs.17,60,00,00,000 Total Population of INDIANS 1,11,00,00,000
    Loss per head (1 citizen) Rs.1600
    Dis money is enough to buy JAPAN,or modify karnataka as 5 Singapore’S Plz raise your hand by forwarding this to all as an INDIAN..

  4. well said sivam

  5. Can we give something to Bihar rather than creating 5 Singapore in karnataka