New Delhi. Even though the Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court pronounced its judgment in the disputed Ram Janmbhoomi Babri Masjid case today, sources inform that the same case is still being fiercely debated in virtual courts on Twitter, Facebook, Orkut and other known and unknown blogs/websites across the world, with all the parties claiming their respective victories just a few words away.

The litigants in these cases have refused to give any importance to the High Court verdict, which they though was “incomplete and illogical”, as well as the decision of the Sunni Waqf Board to appeal in the Supreme Court, and have expressed confidence that they’d soon settle the issue forever on the internet, which would be acceptable and binding on all, especially on their rivals.

“Just a few minutes more and I can get this porki eat his words,” said a verbally confident AmIt ॐ kUmAr, an internet lawyer and Orkut warrior defending the rights of Hindus to build a temple in Ayodhya, who was engaged in an “animated” debate with ~>ZakirNaikRox YaALLAH<~ on “India” community of Orkut.

Internet Warrior

An internet warrior is seen here, defending his people’s rights

According to trusted sources, the internet world was abuzz with thousands, or maybe millions, of such couples and groups of lawyers and warriors, who were determined to take the fight to a “logical” conclusion.

“It’s understandable,” says internet psychologist Satyen Sinha, “Ayodhya case took 60 years to reach this stage and the case would again be debated in the Supreme Court now, whereas most of these internet courts are not even 10 years old, and only so much old is the debate there.”

“I guess this internet battle will go on for another fifty years or so,” he added.

But the warriors disagree.

“I can already smell victory in air no matter what these guys could be claiming,” says @sexular on Twitter, who has been keeping an eye over each tweet containing the term “Ayodhya” and replying to each comment he found contrary to his beliefs and assumptions. Since “Ayodhya” had been trending on Twitter since morning today, he needed just a click to deliver what he calls as “deadly blows” to people from “the other side”.

@sexular had already replied to over 300 users with logically crafted and detailed arguments such as “STFU”, “very soon you’d know”, “Oh really?”, “LOL! Low lives you guys are”, etc. and had successfully blocked around 50 users; all adding to his strong belief and confidence that victory was coming his way for which he had even skipped his lunch earlier today.

Independent observers claim that the fight between the various groups was “delicately poised” and nothing could be said about the final outcome yet.

“An estimated 3000 new user profiles on Facebook, Orkut and Twitter was created primarily for this purpose since morning,” informs an observer Kabir Kant, “new pages, communities and groups like ‘we want all the parts’ are also coming up at a rapid rate. This battle is going to continue for now as still nobody is sure who owns the land. In fact new claimants would come up now as the High Court has partitioned the land into three parts whereas there were only two original claimants of the land.”

Administrators from the social networking websites refused to comment over the issue although many politicians offered to comment, but Faking News refused.

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28 Responses to “Ayodhya case still being fought on Twitter and Facebook”

  1. Worst possible judgement for the case……………if all the 3 judges agree that it was birthplace of Rama & there was a temple there, then why the fuck should any part of this land be given to muslims…………can they tell us which muslim saint was born in ayodhya in whose memory a shrine needs to be built there !!!!

    • DUH!! dude! this is faking news. Not one of those internet courts!!

    • missed filing a case 🙁 ..else would have gotten 1/4th too.

    • Ladies and gentlemen …
      presenting above …
      BiG B !!!!
      @sexular !!!

    • very true!

    • Dude the seriousness of your comment is more hilarious than the post itself!
      and on a serious note – the judgment is perfect (compromise) keeping in mind people like you….the last thing Ram, Raheem, Allah or Deepak Chopra will want is violence and communal tension.

      • @amiya I appreciate your comic sense…….But, i have not advocated communal tension or violence in the country here….i am just wondering what importance does the Ramjanmbhoomi holds for Muslims when even the judges themselves believe that the Masjid was not built according the tenets of Islam. Why should there be a question of violence when the land does not have any religious importance for the Muslims. But i guess that this issue has been complicated by the political polarization. And as far as what Ram, Raheem or Mr Deepak Chopra (?????) will want for this country? I know a lot of people will love to speak about education, health & development whenever Ram Temple is mentioned (its really fashionable) & you discuss these issues later & they will say its all bullshit (whole system is corrupt). I don’t think building a temple in ayodhya is anyway going to hamper the development of this nation if it is really destined to develop.

        • badey bhai!!
          BIG B
          as things are documented in history that holy place used to be a musque for 5 centuries!!
          can you beat that??
          and the other thing is …
          ram bhagwan was born in ayodhya not in any temple or mosque, i dont understand the point of making a temple ON THAT DAMNED place.
          guys ayodhya is a district, not some balcony%$##$%.. there is always ample space for construction of temples one for each ram bhakt,,so whats the imfatuation with that spot>>and if you are disturbed only about the point that muslims got a say on the issue tahn you are being a fundamentalist and you better declare yourself as the paid sewka of RSS…

          • good logic buddy…………….you sound like a paid chamcha of self proclaimed philosophers & saints seen on TV. If somebody kicks you out of your house tomorrow & occupies it for sometime, you will agree to share the house with him because you seem to be too incompetent to demand for anything. And what next? I hope you do not apply the same logic for other controversial places like Kashmir & demand that it should be given to pakistan because they have occupied it for 60yrs. As far as RSS is concerned, i am as annoyed with their response on the issue as i am with people like you…..

          • @Big B: hey big b, i just found out that in your family history 500 years ago, many of your ancestors were killed by the Muslim invaders. It is time to get your revenge, some are sitting in middle-east, US, Europe, and other places. Now find out who the killers are and GO GO GO!!!

          • antiLogic October 3, 2010

            Shri Ram was not born in any temple but in the royal palace of dashrath thousand of years ago. Court have cleared it that their was always some hindu place of worship from last 2000 years (read the ASI report). seems that temples were buit on that place when the palace of Raguvansh was deserted and ruined.
            The demolished structure was built using the derbies of some temple (as believed by court, as it was not proved that Babar had destroyed temple) which might have been destroyed by any earlier muslim ruler of India of saltanet era.
            but it was proved in the court that this place was continuously worshipped as Ramjanmbhumi frm time immemorial, even the so called demolished mosque was popular as Masjid-e-Janmsthan among people of Ayodhya.

      • Wow look at the comments, See I already mentioned…people are mind fucked (coz that is what religion do) so again the decision is spot on…

        PS: The reason I mentioned Deepak Chopra is coz of all the Gods I don’t believe in he is the one that actually exists…

    • It was never a religious issue. It was always a political issue. As far as these politicians from “both” sides claiming “victory” are concerned, I wonder, “even after the judgement is given, do they know who is Ram?”

    • U papi, dont use the name of the Lord and the F word in the same sentence.

      • Ah! seriously, What the f***!!!!! Maybe they should make a rule about the “F” word and the “L” word!!! 😛 😛 😛

        PS : To the one the previous comment was intended for : If you’re theist, get ready for hell… 😛
        (No worries if you “believe” in things that actually make sense though… 😀 )

    • GaneshAllahJChrist May 9, 2011

      All aree assholes STFU

    • Bro Big B we can understand ur feelings and they reflect feelings of all the secular people of this country, but see there is politics as well, Congress and other caste based/family based/religion based parties have to have their vote bank as well. Think about those poor bastards as well

  2. LOL! so true! And I guess many internet warriors would now start coming to Faking News 😀

  3. was slpng all da day! Whats going on?!

  4. It was best opportunity lost by court. Court should have made best use of dispute for itself. Land should have been used to make way for new premises for a brand new court. So many cases are pending in our Indian courts….at least Shri Ram would have been happy for people waiting for justice.
    A true tribute to the dispute…lol !

    • विचित्र प्राणी October 1, 2010

      बिल्कुल सही ! विनीत भाई ! 😛

  5. विचित्र प्राणी October 1, 2010

    मंदिर बनाओ या मस्जिद ..। किसी का भला नहीं होने वाला !

  6. Just plant some mango tree there..thats it.

    • or make this place virtually accessible from internet google earth

  7. Just for information: October 3, 2010

    Dr. Zakir Naik TOPPED the List of most influential Spiritual / Religious Gurus for the year 2010. He was followed by Jaggi Vasudev , Baba Ramdev and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar respectively.
    Source:The Sunday EXPRESS, dated 31st January 2010

    PS: No hate comments please 😛

  8. burkha butt October 6, 2010

    good god, there are people commenting here who are taking this article seriously! i mean, wtf… i thought this piece was hilarious.