Mumbai. While everyone thought that item girl Rakhi Sawant would have another season of her marriage on Imagine TV, she has surprised everyone by announcing her new show called Rakhi Ka Insaaf on the same channel, where she would play a judge and announce verdicts in cases dealing with domestic violence, dowry abuse, marital infidelity, filial impiety, etc.

Even though the show is still to go on-air, Imagine TV, earlier NDTV Imagine, is so upbeat that it has announced its fourth reality show involving Rakhi Sawant – Rakhi Ka Ilaaj… Dil Se.

“No, sorry to disappoint you, even though the name suggests so, the show will not diagnose or treat Rakhi for any malady, physical or psychological. In fact, Rakhi would now play a doctor and treat patients suffering from acute diseases.” Imagine TV CEO Tony Bhalla informed in a press conference.

Dr. Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi says she has solution for everyone’s problems, legal or medical

Mr. Bhalla further informed that his channel had originally planned to get the show endorsed by IMA (Indian Medical Association), but the plans were thrown in a limbo after the ethics committee of MCI (Medical Council of India) issued a show-cause notice to IMA for endorsing random stuffs.

“We are not that concerned with this development, but we would prefer to get a medical organization on board to give the ‘reality’ angle to the show. We might partner with Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri, who is soon going to launch a medical institute that will dare to think beyond AIIMS.” revealed Mr. Bhalla.

But the central character of the show Rakhi Sawant is hardly concerned with these minor hiccups. She even rejected criticisms that she shouldn’t be dabbling in such affairs as she lacked professional training for the same.

“So what if I don’t have an MBBS degree? I am not going to prescribe any medicines to anyone. But whatever I will prescribe, I will prescribe dil se (through heart).” said Rakhi Sawant, who attended the press conference wearing a nurse’s dress.

Rakhi also claimed that her series of reality shows won’t end with this and she would keep on coming with innovative ideas for the betterment of the society. It should be noted that she had earlier played a dancer (Nach Baliye), a housemate (Big Boss), a victim (Mika Ki Pappi), a bride (Rakhi Ka Swayamvar), and a mother (Pati, Patni, aur Woh) on television, and is now ready to play a judge and a doctor.

“What next? Why doesn’t she play a temple or church in some goddamn show called Rakhi Ka Ghanta?” asked Jatin angrily, a Rakhi-ravaged television viewer.

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  • siva

    We might partner with Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri, who is soon going to launch a medical institute that will dare to think beyond AIIMS.”

    wat a joke superbbb

  • abcdefgh

    And then start rakhi ki G****D

  • Ashfaq Ahmed

    Dear Sir/Ma’am
    Now a day in every community dowry demand is so high but due to Dowry Act our so many sisters’ and daughters are now saved but on other side some peoples misuse of this Act and earn money. It is a real story before I move further here I wish you to introduce about the persons who involved in it.
    Ashfaq Ahmed: (me) living in Gurgaon from last ten years
    Shaziya: (My Wife)
    Mr. Shamiuddin: (Father in Law)
    Mr.Abdul Hameed-age above seventy (My father)
    Mrs.Islamee Begum-age above sixty five (My Mother)
    Mr.Afzal Hameed( my brother)
    Mrs.Humera Afzal( my bhabi)
    Mr.Mohsin(my brother)
    Mrs.Kishwer(my sister-already married in the year 2003 & living in Assam)
    I belong to Aligarh (U.P.) working in Gurgaon (HR) for last 10 years. I got married with Shaziya D\o Mr. Shamiuddin residence of tees futa, thana rasool pur,Firozabad (U.P.) on 7th December 2003.
    On dated 14th of June 2005 Shaziya yield a baby boy and at a same time she got a brain haemorrhage and the operation was done in “Vimhans Hospital” New Delhi. Due to brain haemorrhage her memory washed out, right side paralyzed and she cannot speak. Since then I and my family members has been taking care of her like a small baby and spent around 10 Laces rupee for treatment and went so many dargas to wish for her.
    On 28th March 2010 I went with my wife to In-laws home my father-in-law (Mr. Shamiuddin) told me that Ashfaq you are not taking care of his daughter (Shaziya) and the children are suffering too. My father in-law angrily and told me that he would not send back his daughter with you and the children would study over here at his town. I m agreed to leave his wife and children at In-laws home and said to provide all financial support for treatment and children’s schooling charges. I used to travel his in-law home so frequently to meet his family, as I cannot live without his family under these circumstances.
    In December 2010 my father in Law Filed an F.I.R. Against me & my family that “They all are torturing his daughter for last five years now demanding 5Lac rupee for a Maruti car.
    I am surprised with this. A person who can spend 10 Laces rupee on her treatment, why would he demand for money and torture her?
    After the F.I.R. I requested for “Not to arrest” in U.P. High Court & submitted the evidence (medical bills and residence proofs, land lord statements etc.) due to which court stayed the arrest process and sent the case to Mediation centre for further process. In the month February hearing was scheduled and both parties came in-front where my father in-law demanded 5 lacs to close the case. I again requested to give some time to think and manage the things.
    Here you can see in F.I.R. I m demanding 5Lacs and in mediation centre My father in-law asking me for 5Lac to close the case in front of everyone and I m not agree and the mediation is failure. After that I meet SP(Firozabad-U.P) after hearing the whole case SP(Firozabad) says this is only a family matter not Dowry case. After that I go to jail and recently I m on the bail.
    For me you are the better judge to decide who is asking for amount?
    Now At this situation I urge you to say your views on this. Please give me commands & your opinion what I should do? We know that law is meant to justice, but hear I can see that I m on trouble due this act. Here I want to ask everyone, what kind of proof the law required to show my love, affection toward my wife and family please help me and save life of My.Mrs because is under pressure of Her father.
    1. Case is pending in district court of Firozabad (U.P) and till date my father in law doesn’t appear my wife in the court His main motto is to only harass me.
    2. In the month of March Protection Officer (Mrs Beena) of Gurgaon gave message to my father in law to appear Ashfaq wife in the office but my father in law don’t send him in the office.
    3. In the report of Mediation centre Firozabad “Members said that Mrs Shazia is under pressure of her father
    4. My father in-law does not take any treatment of my wife till now.

    Here I acknowledge that all the statements written over here are facts and best of my knowledge. I have all the evidence to justify these statements and that will be happily submitted on request.

    Ashfaq Ahmed