Well, King Leonidas of Sparta is believed to have died battling Xerxes some 2500 years ago, but could he have mustered enough courage to engage in this battle?


This is Madness, err, Democracy!

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  • Kanti

    LOL! Shakti raped Indian democracy too ;)

  • Jyotishka

    Oh dear God! Leotard Shakti kapoor has reared his fugly head again!

  • Raj

    Shakti’s picture was nice

  • Pankaj

    Is that half-naked picture of Shakti Kapoor for real or faked….hahahahhaha…rofl…

  • ron

    Shakti: AAOOO! Leoni, Democracy ki Izzat to ko kab ki hum sabne milke loot dali! dhakki chikki dhakki chikki! dhakki chikki AAOOO! ;-)

  • Chamatkari Patrakar


  • Happy


  • Gautam

    300 is such a great movie……..

  • Rudeboy

    sakti enjoyed it after giving vote that was complementry gift by elected government lol