When master blaster Sachin Tendulkar met the honorary dean of IIPM Arindam Chaudhuri, the management guru couldn’t stop himself from giving some gyaan and guru mantra to the legendary cricketer.

Sachin Tendulkar clean bowls Arindam Chaudhuri

Sachin Tendulkar clean bowls Arindam Chaudhuri

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  • Food for thought

    Question is why do “elite” MBA’s hate Arindam?

    Providing MBA’s to lot of looser and making them believe they are somebody is the need of the hour. (Considering how vast majority of Indians suffer from low self esteem)

    • not hungry

      No one “hates” Arindumb. Its his marketing gimmicks that have reduced him to a laughing stock.

      Also, your logic contradicts itself. How can a school that provides MBAs to a “lot” of losers be “elite”.

      • Food for thought

        It is his marketing gimmicks that have made MBA’s flavor of this decade. Besides what he says is the truth, “A lie repeated several times does makes it true”. You don’t have to like it, but that is a fact of life. Imagine “Virgin Mary”, religion, advertisement, brand image, etc etc…

        You are as “elite” as you believe yourself to be. Most ppl need an “MBA” to believe they are elite. Most companies assume that if you have an “MBA” u’r ambitious enough to work for them. Its like doing engineering, most of them dont know jack shit but they end of doing all kinds of jobs cause the “industry” believes they are valuable.

        His marketing gimmicks have made famous enough to have multiple articles about him in Faking news. That is good enough in my book.

        Sympathy you can get anytime, JEALOUSY YOU HAVE TO EARN !

        • Alok


        • Nilay

          Lol.. who d eff is jealous of arindam or those dimwits who choose to study at IIPM??

        • Bikram

          Cool. Agree…..U gotta earn Envy!

    • Because he Produced & Directed ‘Rok Sako toh Rok Lo’… lol

  • soniya

    I think , the bigger villian is the media which happily accepts the ads fully knowing that they are misleading and creating a wrong impression and would result in spoiling of careers of indian youth…

    I urge you to contact media houses and ask them to stop refuse the misguiding ads . I have started by writing to google adwords…..Google adwords has a option to report the misguiding ads which are sponsored by it. choose the option “I don’t trust the advertiser to deliver on their claims”.


    • Food for thought

      By your logic, we should also ban religion as they “mislead” people.

      How about banning cricket ? In all honesty IT IS a silly game of throwing a ball and using a piece of wood to hit it hard.

      Only a complete Idiot would spend precious hours watching it repeat itself again and again and again….but strangely enough its a multi billion Industry. Go figure that out.

      • not hungry

        We *cant* ban religion simply because there is no single perpetrator we can point to.

        But we can make a stand against an organization that is registered by law and so has an obligation to follow law.

        And we *shouldn’t* ban cricket because watching it does not harm you or anyone else.

        But we should make a stand against organizations that are misleading the masses, many of whom do not have the resources or mindset to evaluate the validity of grand claims they see being made on national media.

        Banning the media is not feasible. But if the media is irresponsible, why shouldn’t we protest?

        And as far as I can see, blogs such as this *are* protests by the media against the media.

      • sunny

        and by your logic, there should not be control on advertisers, even if they are making misleading claims. i WISH YOUR DAUGHTER MARRIES A CHEAT. THEN ONLY U WILL UNDERSTAND WHAT MANIPULATION AND CON ART MEANS!!!

    • rakesh

      You are right

  • soniya

    i mean the ads of IIPM sponsored by google…

    • Hitanshu Dewan

      I hate IIPM, and as much Arindam, but I do not think media can play much role here, when the government is not doing the needful. Media really cant go about being the watchdog, and verifying the veracity of what any advt says.. this is just not possible. I know IIPM claims are outrightly misleading and untrue, but every advertisement is misleading in a way, and ends up claiming more that the truth…. There are soaps claiming to do more than what they can; there is Sachin claiming that Boost is the secret of his energy, and there is Amitabh Bachhan chaiming some thanda thanda cool cool tel.. It should be the education ministry, along with the I&B ministry that should impose stricter advertising norm on such colleges. this is similar to prescription drugs having stricter advertising norms than OTC drugs, given that peoples health is at stake. when the Government isnt doing anything, watching those stupid ads everyday, how can the media?

      ~Arindam hater

  • Now i understand sachin tendulkar is a good bowler too.


  • Arindumb is good at it….making losers believe that with an MBA degree from his so called elite institute makes them better than others…wonderful take….

    And then those stupid add in which there is a full page picture of him…his finger pointing although creating a parabolic arc signifying gradual decline………hell he himself doesnt belive in wat he says…………

  • haha! Faking news is awesome 😉

  • Shyam

    After his failed first attempt, Arindam tried to give gyan again: Sachin, you must count your balls before they are bowled! Sachin: We outsource that to the umpire and choose to focus on our core competency which is polishing our balls before they are bowled. Arindam: This is exactly what I’ve recommended in my inter galactic best seller “Discover the Diamond in You!” Have you read it?! Sachin: No. Should I? Arindam: Absolutely! You see diamond has Clarity. You need Clarity thats why you adjust your guard and get in touch with your inner space before facing every ball. Diamond has sharp Cuts which you employ in your shot selection. A diamond is Polished just like your… Sachin: English? Arindam: I meant your balls but I’m glad that you DARE TO THINK BEYOND BALLS!! Sachin: Why did you say the last thing in capital letters? Arindam: I tend to use capital letters for inspirational stuff. That’s how I got my gold medal. I used more capital letters than others. Sachin: That was a master stroke!

  • I have also added comments to Arindam Chaudhuri Starts Political Party article. You can click on my name to read it.

  • arindam has just got over hyped himself. To attach yourself wit him is to invite mockery…avoid him or just watch the fun…