New Delhi. Amidst demand by many politicians cutting across party lines, the Congress party announced on Thursday that it planned to introduce a special symbol to denote corruption in the next few weeks. The introduction of the new Rupee Symbol had reportedly created a huge problem for the ruling party as several mails asking for introduction of a Corruption Symbol reached them today.

“Yes, there have been several queries asking if the rupee symbol was applicable to black money also. The politicians, who have been taking money through international accounts, feel that instead of having different symbols, all their black wealth should be incorporated under one symbol, making the transactions easier.” said Congress spokesperson Manish Tewary.

Ambika Soni, Minister for Information and Broadcasting completely agrees. “The new symbol for corruption will show the world that India is a force to be reckoned with. This will make Indian economy comparable to the whole European economy. The new Rupee Symbol could act as the Euro symbol, while this proposed Corruption Symbol could be akin to a European country’s original domestic currency symbol, to be phased out in due time.” she said.

Zero Rupee Note

An NGO called 5th Pillar had introduced zero-rupee note as the symbol for corruption, but it failed to get official recognition from the government

But the statement by Ms. Soni could trigger demands by various regional parties to introduce special symbols in their respective states as the new rupee symbol has “ra” in Hindi i.e. devanagari script. MNS and Shiv Sena are already reported to be asking for Marathi symbols, something that has worried the UPA government.

Sources within the government have informed us that the Prime Minister was still clueless about the whole issue and was waiting to be briefed by Sonia Gandhi before taking any decision. It is also rumored that a Group of Ministers could be formed to discuss the issue further.

But the civil society has received the proposal enthusiastically with “Corruption Symbol” trending worldwide on Twitter and everyone coming up with ideas and suggestions for the government. Serial commentator Suhel Seth too joined the debate and suggested a symbol for the same.

“I think it is a great step for India” he said, further tweeting “the symbol for corruption can be an Open Palm holding a Lotus, signifying the unity and participation of all parties in this matter.”, which was immediately re-tweeted by his friends Lalit Modi and Vijay Mallya.

“Why waste the valuable time of the hard working IITians? Let’s adopt this symbol!” he added.

Meanwhile, in a completely unrelated development, fresh violence was reported in the Naxal hit areas due to the inability of the Congress to include the Maoists in the ongoing discussion on the Corruption Symbol.

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10 Responses to “After rupee, India could soon get a unique symbol for corruption”

  1. Phodd dala..tussi great ho paaji 😉

  2. we need not just a symbol but also a sign. instead of wasting time negotiating or harrassing, the corrupt could simply have a sign (eg open palm with 500 or 5 lakh written on it) and a “N” following it to denote negotiable and save the time for everyone..

  3. mi marathi July 16, 2010

    “MNS and Shiv Sena are already reported to be asking for Marathi symbol”
    I guess you have forgotten that marathi also uses exactly same script as hindi ( i.e. devnagari) .. 😛
    albeit Mr. Karunanidhi is much more likely to oppose this symbol… :-/

    • Karunanidhi chutiya hai, he doesn’t even deserve to be made fun of 😀

      • brajesh July 16, 2010

        arey bhai .. ye public place hai.. yaha aisi baat nahi karte.. though I fully agree with u 🙂

    • nice observation….though he can still demand something marathi for it 🙂

    • If the MNS and Shiv Sena realized that Marathi uses the same script as Hindi and that they are Indians like trhe rest of us,they will stop behaving like Kashmiri seperatists….

  4. Serial Commentator……….Holy Shit….

  5. Vikrant July 18, 2010

    symbol has “ra” in Hindi i.e. devanagari script. MNS and Shiv Sena are already reported to be asking for Marathi symbol

    Except Marathi uses devanagari script as well…

  6. Hey Pagal Patrakar,
    I wanna tellu a funny incident just happened rt now.
    I am checking mobile prices in and u know those guys hav already started using rupee symbol..
    I misintepreted as it some UK or Japanese site by seeing the currency as some euro or yenn and I closed that tab.
    Go ahead, write one post on this concept.