While everyone is asking Arjun Singh, former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, to break his silence on the alleged escape of Warren Anderson, former Chairman of the Union Carbide, after the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, no one has tried to contact Anderson himself, who is still alive like Arjun Singh. Shouldn’t we get to know how the esteemed guest of India was treated by the then governments?

Faking News tried to contact Anderson but he declined to talk, but this week’s Sunday Magazine takes a look at the whole Anderson escape affair from the point of view of Anderson himself. Was he happy with the facilities provided to him in the state car, guest house and the chartered airplane? Does he cherish those moments as one of the best ones in his life? Does he have pictures of Indian leaders of those times in his personal photo-album? And many more such possibilities reported on the basis of informed speculations:

Was Anderson happy with our hospitality?

Sunday Magazine of Faking News dated 13 June 2010

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  1. AMULYA June 13, 2010

    in india………….poltics is simply what politician do……making way 4 russian revolution/..