Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi turns 40 today, 40-years-old that is

Ah, just take a look at that charming endearing lovely sexy breathtaking smile; can you believe he turned 40 today!? Unbelievable! He seems a sweet sixteen any day any moment; a complete antithesis to Shahid Afridi, whom we Indians just can’t believe to have remained under 30 even after ages.

But since Congress says so, we must not dispute it else our patriotism could be disputed. So our beloved Rahul Gandhi turns 40 today, period! Let’s all unite in wishing a very Happy Birthday to him!

When other media organizations are busy finding a Rajiv Gandhi in him or hunting a suitable bride for him, how can Faking News not discharge its duty of being a respectable news source? Hence we are also asking you to take part in this poll:

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  • rajiv bhatia

    I feel all options are like IIT Q paper, all seems right, he will turn 41, become dalit by marrying Maya, adopt a child & be a dad (maya cant be out of action for 9 months), of course become PM with support from BSP, regarding FN reporter he is even now so, there is e;thing fake in n around him, fake Indian mother, fake cousins, fake degree.

    • Vishal Lathwal

      This really has to be the best summation. I assume u topped ur IIT attempt and then were smart enough not to take it. Great job!

      • Kevin

        Rajiv Bhatia (which is Akshay Kumar’s real name) .. what a fantastic summation. My vote goes to you. 🙂

  • BiG B

    I guess there’s a printing mistake…..some options are missing..

    1. Gay….or wait….is he already??

    2.Barack Obama…..yah its possible.Just watch NDTV

    • sanjay

      ndtv can submit required evidence even!

  • FN I go with Rajiv bhatia, and BigB, you have limited your options, going gay, unless he already is would the reality, Becomming Obama would NDTV’s birthday gift, and Rajiv Bhatia’s sum up would be the public profile.

  • abhishek

    he might open an elephant park in lucknow,can help him baging a marriage alliance with the queen of garland,would call miliband to research bout dalits,the queen might be able to know the brahmans, better.will make modern jodha-akhbar.

  • GAY

  • Pankaj Pandey

    Wat a crap…..Rahul deserves all the accolodes he is getting. His father scrifised his life for your country and we are talking such nonsense regarding him. I must say that he does not need anything more as he has already got everything.

    • Vishal Lathwal

      Ahem! I fail to adhere to your point Pankaj. Though rajiv was a fine leader but he also managed a fair bit of trouble. And talking about rahul, he still needs to take drastic measures over the prevalent issues rather than making pad-yatras n having meals with the dalits. Nice publicity though.

    • manju

      I think he is getting way more than he deserves…he has got nothing to do with his father’s assassination and his scandals as well.I agree that Rajiv Gandhi was an important leader in his time(again inherited from his mother which was inherited from her father..o_O),but save his blood he was like any other leader with his share of fame and irregularities.Maybe being at the wrong place at the wrong time amidst a porous security has got him all the attention and adulation … but seriously there are thousands of people who have laid down their lives bravely while doing something good for the country who are not even recognised let alone remembering them…and I dont see a single reason why he is more important to nation than Manmohan singh or Atal Behari Vajpayee who have clean images and have taken some good decisions for india.I feel very angry when I see rajeev and indira names everywhere ,every project and place as if they are all that this country has got.

      • sanjay

        whoa!! how does he deserve the great work done by his father (if he has done any) this rate you might even say his children and grandchildren deserve respect..what bullshit!!

    • No nonsense

      There are umpteen no. of great freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for the Indian freedom and yet died like very normal ones without getting any recognition/reward. Their kins and kidths also suffered because of them. I have met few freedom fighters who had to bribe to get the pension. What great treatment they are getting in this hopeless country, where only bribe and corruptions speaks everywhere. Don’t hype Rahul just because of his father and he holds a fake Gandhi name. If he has guts, let him remove the fake Gandhi name attached to him and achieve something worth.

  • BsoD

    @Pankaj Pandey:: What has his father/grandmother got to do with this??
    They milked the country dry and he will follow them.

    • a


  • Nilay

    he already is a FN reporter.. going by the kinda statements he gives at his rallies!!!!

    • manish

      i like u, what ever u r doing do it but just beaware by political dushman all indian R with U.