Mallya, Modi, Mallya

Mallya, Modi (upside down), and Mallya

No, this picture is not fake. The father son duo of the UB group and the father of IPL are having nice time in Monaco. But as they say, a picture tells a thousand words, so can you tell us what does this picture tells you? What message does it convey to you – about good times, about beer, about cricket, about parenting? You could post your comments here and check out comments on facebook too.

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17 Responses to “What are Vijay Mallya and his son doing with Lalit Modi here?”

  1. NagPingili May 18, 2010

    paanv pakadkar pooch rahe hai “How to write a 15,000 page reply”

  2. Ajo Paul May 18, 2010

    The image shows the dangerous nexus Modi enjoys within the business circle of India. Examples to show he’s untouchable.

  3. pransh May 18, 2010

    the mallyas would do ANYTHING….YES… kiss (or hold) modi’s feet as long as he saves their team from the lenses!!

  4. keh rahey hain Palta k maarna chahiye saley ki…

  5. Thanks a bunch for the thought provoking post, I really appreciate it, I had been just now considering that very same theme. Wow it’s so convenient and fortuitous when one finds a post which I have been looking for without having to search all over the internet all afternoon, lol!

  6. bankelaal June 8, 2011

    lalit – shashi turned my world upside down and this is how the mallayas helped me to turn it upright again.