A man is known by the company he keeps and the shoes he wears. We all know the company of our beloved Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, but we don’t know much about his shoes unlike his trademark blue turban. Therefore, stepping into Manmohan Singh’s shoes is akin to wearing his turban. And today we analyze if Rahul Gandhi is ready to step into Manmohan Singh’s shoes.

We ask this question because on the eve of UPA government’s completion of one year in office, one of the oft-repeated questions was whether Rahul Gandhi could replace Manmohan Singh in the current term. Take a look yourself and decide if this could and this should happen. As always, this week’s Sunday Magazine also analyzes other import events of the last week.

Is Rahul Gandhi ready to step into the shoes of Manmohan Singh?

Sunday Magazine of Faking News dated 30 May 2010

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15 Responses to “Sunday Magazine: Is Rahul Gandhi ready to step into the shoes of Manmohan Singh?”

  1. ramesh s May 30, 2010

    kehte hai na angrez logwa ” he looks a picture ” , i like the way you underplay in your writings, jai ho pagalwa

  2. ArminuS May 30, 2010

    IMBA pic. Pure IMBA 😀
    Awesomeness redefined!

  3. He look like rajiv

  4. Wonder how many Indians will feel ashamed to be Indians if Rahul becomes PM.

  5. Bobby Darling is now Booby Darling. 😉

  6. observer July 21, 2011

    manav dhiman seeing a new name i searched for it ? a little chap made a web site and some random thoughts to get some clicks. i don’t know if there is another m.d . not sure why his name should be here. might be some auto comment got wrong. and yes your post was great as usual.