New Delhi. In a major setback to the age-old belief that Hindustani ladki apna pehla pyaar nahi bhoolti (Indian girl doesn’t ever forget her first love), 25-year-old Neha couldn’t recall any details of her first love at all when she found a decade old greetings card in her store room this morning. The card, which seemed like a Valentine’s Day gift, was sent by some guy called Aman, a name that failed to ring a bell for Neha.

“Must be some guy from the school, ummm… or maybe in the neighborhood.” Neha tried her best to remember some details about the guy, but of no use.

Since the card was with Neha for all these years, she believes she must have accepted it willingly and might have liked this guy back then. “Yeah, I do remember going out many times in my school days with one guy; was his name Aman?” Neha wondered as she searched for “Aman” on facebook, but was further confused as no one named Aman was on her friends list.

Pehla Pehla Pyar

Traditionally, Indians are believed to give utmost importance to first love

“I don’t know. We might have kissed a couple of times, not more than that I guess.” Neha said when asked how close she was with this guy, whose name could be Aman.

Neha has been going steady with her latest boyfriend Karan for over six months now, after having broken up with Ishaan, her earlier boyfriend, because he had refused to get rid of his plump Labrador Retriever that used to climb on her and lick her.

“Some relationships don’t work out. We have to move on.” said Neha as she finally gave up on her attempts to recollect details about the Aman guy.

The incident has divided the Indian society into two parts, with one set calling it the modern face of the Indian woman and the other terming it as yet another example of continuous erosion of social values among the youth.

“Are we still supposed to believe and debate stuff like ek ladka aur ek ladki kabhi dost nahi ho sakte (a boy and a girl can never be ‘just friends’)? It’s time we accept the realities and grow up.” noted actor Rahul Bose said as he wholeheartedly supported Neha’s behavior, but not many agree.

“What nonsense! People remember their first mobile and first bike, but find it hard to remember their first love?” protested Poonam, who still remembers how her first love was beaten black and blue by his elder brother. Now married to another guy, she believes that girls like Neha have been corrupted by the market.

“There was time when we grew up watching ads of Jai soap that taught us virtues of pehla pyaar, now we see DoCoMo ads where a girl and a boy decide to break up within seconds.” lamented Poonam and blamed the modern generation for blindly following the ‘market culture’.

Poonam believes that community elders should step in and rein in erring youngsters like Neha, the way they reined in Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik, who had forgotten his first wife Ayesha Siddiqui.

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  • Kavi

    lol.. pahli biwi ke baad ab shoaib ka pahla pyar bhi aayega kahi se ;)

  • Anand

    Arre ho gaya bhai.. itna bhi upar na uthao soyeb ko ki wo proverb ban jaaye.. badnam hin sahi lekin sadyion ke liye naam to hoga..

  • JazBaati

    bahut hi kharab ho gyi hai market ab toh!!!

  • kesariya vilayati

    JAI SOAP.. i remember the girl in the ad.. really pretty.. though i was only 8 or 9 years old then..

  • suniel

    lyrics goes like this –

    “Pehla Pyaar
    Laaye Jeevan Mein Bahaar.
    Jab Tan Chhue
    Kai Baatein Kahe.
    Pehla Pyaar ….”

    if anybody have the clip pls. upload…..

  • parwatisingari

    pehla nasha, pehla pyaar, kis ko yaad, chodna yaar LOL

  • Kooldude

    Am the only one who feels sad about the new generation, heck I am from the new generation :(

  • Aditi

    And today’s terms are so complex, like ‘going out’, ‘casual affair’, ‘in a relationship’, ‘committed’, ‘possible spouse’, ‘live-in’ etc. It was simpler in those days – you either love someone or you don’t