California, USA. In a move signaling India’s steady progress towards becoming the next superpower, many pornographic film production companies of USA have expressed keen interest in opening their branches in India. These companies, mostly based out of San Pornando Valley here, have appealed to the government of India to allow FDI in the pornography industry. Although industry experts have welcomed the move, Indian government is yet to respond to the proposal.

“Indians have the right mindset and resources to produce as well as consume pornographic content. But unfortunately, the indigenously produced pornographic materials are often seen wanting in terms of technical finesse and production quality. With the US companies setting up offices in India, we can make our mark at the international level.” Mastram, an industry expert who runs a massage center in Delhi, said.

Indian porn movie

An Indian porn movie – experts believe that Indian porn industry needs FDI as it has either been funny or filthy without it

The proposal for allowing foreign porn companies to open offices in India comes close to the possibility of foreign universities setting up campuses in India. US industry players see this development as a positive signal.

“This is encouraging. Many university students back in the US join porn companies part-time to pay their tuition fees. We would love to see a similar trend happening in India so that there are no supply side problems once we start operations there.” hoped Dick Wilde, CEO of Naughty America, one of the key players interested in opening offices in India.

People like Wilde are hopeful of a seamless start to their operations even if the foreign universities bill was not passed by the Indian parliament. They believe that the supply chain for the porn industry is already in place in India, and they just need to tap the right resources.

“Look at that guy called Ichchhadhari Baba, the godman who was caught with callgirls in Delhi. He had a long list of connections both on the supply as well as on the demand side of a sister business. We need to get in touch with such guys and involve them in our operations.” Dick Wilde said.

The fact that the Indian government had banned cartoon porn site Savita Bhabhi last year has failed to dampen the hopes of the industry players in the US and the industry experts back in India. Faking News tried to contact many government officials, but none of them were ready to comment over the issue.

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