Finally Valentine’s Day has arrived amid rising prices, falling moral police and fear of terror attacks. While we leave dealing with the terrorists and the moral police to the government, we try to help you deal with the rising prices while you celebrate the day with your loved one. Don’t worry if you are single, you can either talk to your parents or save our tigers.

Sunday Magazine of Faking News dated 14 February 2010

Sunday Magazine of Faking News dated 14 February 2010

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  • Hot_Indian_Actresses_Sexy_Wallpapers

    yeah… not much gud options for poor single ones :(

  • Single

    Lol …. Arranged marriages are not yet passe… Thank god .. we hv that way..

  • Another Single

    I am too busy saving tigers .. Dont hv time for this Valentines Day… Just wishing as I succeed in Saving tigers… there is some other animal on the verge of extinction…

  • Jims

    good man

  • brs

    Forget about Tigers.. save girls.. only about 900 per 1000 guys.. Bike ke pichhe ladki chahiye ki Tiger ???