Pakistani T-20 Cricket Captain Shahid Afridi might have been banned for two matches after found guilty of ball tampering, but the incident has landed him an unexpected offer. Afridi has been hired by Apple Inc. as brand ambassador for their upcoming product iCricket.

As always, nobody knows what the actual product of Apple could be like, but iCricket has already become a craze among the followers.

The news comes close to Pakistani cricketers being rejected by the IPL franchisees for playing in the third season of the IPL. After a complete whitewash by Australia, some critics had criticized Pakistani players as deserving to be denied lucrative contracts, but this handsome offer by Apple has proven the importance of Pakistani cricketers yet again.

Apple and Afridi both have not disclosed the amount of money involved.

Apple's next product - iCricket

Apple’s next product – iCricket

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10 Responses to “Apple hires Shahid Afridi as brand ambassador after ball biting incident”

  1. Where will it be launched? Karachi ?

  2. Rajesh Jha February 1, 2010

    An apple a day may keep the doc away but now the match referee! This is what happens when you bite the forbidden fruit…sorry, ball. Came across another hilarious piece by this lawmaker:

    • don’t spam! what’s hilarious there? there is a youtube video link that doesn’t work!! x-(

  3. read similar story at

  4. Afridi Sux February 1, 2010

    LOL.. good one.. 😀
    read more Afridi jokes on twitter –

  5. dont humiliate other eventhough he said tht he smelled the ball(obviously he didn’t) he is serving for his action guy lets put full stop to it

  6. waste of APPLE was already bitten!!!!!!!!

  7. soloman williams February 7, 2010

    its rather Colgate that oughta hire afridi, for such strong teeth,that even bites a ball!

  8. @ soloman williams good one

    they are famous in all types of biting including back biting