California, USA. Google Wave, in the past few months, has created a lot of debates over what could be the future of online communication. Many speculators believed that Facebook would face its first serious threat and might not survive the competition. In an attempt to obviate these speculations, Facebook team met the precogs (the three girls who have the power to see the future) of the Hollywood movie Minority Report and worked with them on a complete makeover of Facebook. As a result, facebook is all set to launch Facebook Tsunami.

The new Facebook Tsunami gets perfectly synchronized with its users and is able to generate automatic status messages on their profiles, depending upon their current activity and what they plan to do in future. During a beta release of the new version, fluctuations in the status messages were seen all over the world that left people amused.

Miss Dogere received the shock of her life when her status message changed from “chatting” to “having sex with Harry”, five minutes after her boyfriend came to her apartment. She had to answer embarrassing phone calls from her friends and relatives. Gaurav Sahu, an engineering student lost his eight girlfriends as his Tsunami profile mentioned anatomical details of each of his girlfriends.

But there were many others who were quite happy with the results like Santa Singh, whose status message got updated as “thinking”, even though his friends believed that it was a proof that the beta version had some bugs.

For those, who didn’t get to experience the beta version, following is a screenshot from the Facebook profile of our special correspondent Rohit:

Facebook Tsunami

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  • Omkar Dutta

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    Superb…you guys are really rocks…..Dharam and amitji waala message is really good

  • SalimSannataa

    Brilliant man

    photoshppin brilliant
    Mayawati part favourite

    fb tsunami is the next best thing to google crux which is a notch above google wave.


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    PAgal patrakar, faking news, facebook tsunami— I bow my head in front of you today… FAKING news is the best creation i`ve ever seen.. i wal like ROFL and Died and brought back to life by God to see his status update and then,, i ROFL and died again….