Happy New Year 2010

Come up with your own headline based on this picture. What could be the dog thinking at the end of 2009?

And to be honest, I was quite lazy on the last day of the year and no new reports to offer, so came up with this lousy attempt. 😛

Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous new year ahead!

But do tell us about the dog above.

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Caption It

  • Saptarshi Roy

    Let the New Year bring opportunities to explore every moment of life and let dreams turn into realities and efforts into great achievements. Have a blast.

  • “My master abandoned me because I failed to bite the robber who broke into our home. Any takers?”

  • Kavi

    “Wish I was a politician, I’d have bitten thousands” 😛

  • kaushik

    Dogs alleges INDIA TV for not getting there share of TRP in Biting.A very close source to khibu koren president akhil bhariya KUTTA parishad complained that even after immense cases neither respective muncipal corporation nor their official sponsor INDIA TV reported the sensitive cases.

  • No matter how little i do, i always feel that i could do less 🙂

  • Shreya

    I LOVE this site!!

  • loli

    I need a Fucking Bitch…:P

    • Kriti


  • Rachit

    I m tired of peeing publicaly on the poles and tires of vehicles. I need my own toilet with 5 Pillars and 6 radial tires

  • Alisha

    ” Why won’t that labrador bitch return my barks??? First she paws me, then when i try to get it u, she runs away… Gawd bitches!!! “

  • Rohit

    One more year gone… and i am still single… Life sucks…no… Life barks !! Where are youuuuu….my bitch…!!