Mumbai. Mr. Murali Chetankar, 29, an MBA from a top tier management institute of India has created a stir around the world. He has invented an all encompassing TLA (Three Letter Acronym or Three Letter Abbreviation), which can be used to describe the work that management graduates do. The acronym – CIP (Ch*tiyaps in Progress) is now universally accepted and understood. Oxford is planning to debate, discuss and include this TLA in its dictionary in the next revision. This is probably the first engineered Indian word to be included in the Oxford Dictionary.

A doll showing the mental state of a student - on the top of the world - after becoming an MBA

A doll showing the mental state of a student - on the top of the world - after becoming an MBA

The story of how this was invented is fascinating. Murali was perturbed by the frequent probing of his engineering college classmates as to what work he was doing post his MBA.  Frustrated by the repeated questions like ‘Wazzup’ and ‘Whats happening’, Murali decided to take the road less travelled and discover a word to explain what work he did. After much deliberation he realized that all he did for the last 3-4 years was nothing but Ch*tiyaps. In a fit of rage he updated his GMail status to “CIP – Ch*tiyaps in Progress”.

Little did Murali know how this word would catch on with the aam MBA junta. Within the next few days, most of the MBA junta had updated their statuses to CIP! This snowballed into an avalanche and within a fortnight, Google reported that 38% of Indians employed in services industry had updated their status to CIP!

The fever only increased. Job applicants started adding the word CIP to their resumes to indicate their reasons for quitting their previous companies. IT graduates copied the word mistaking it to be ‘coding in progress’ or data ‘cleaning in progress’.

The global appeal of CIP is no longer a matter of dispute. The actual spread of this word was demonstrated when Sunil Gavaskar chose the term CIP to describe the Ahmedabad test match between India and Sri Lanka. Americans have started using this word to describe President Barack Obama’s speeches.

Looking at the appeal of the word, CIP is considered to be the biggest accidental invention or discovery since the discovery of String Theory. The incident is also being cited by a few people to argue that MBAs are always the best leaders and innovators. Finally here is something we MBAs can feel proud about!

(contributed most probably by an MBA) 😛

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  1. prateek cip December 20, 2009

    hey cip good work!!

  2. hey CIP–currently in progress

    • Do you what does it mean..if you come to know u will laugh like any thing..

  3. well there is another word like CIP like matiyana meaning exactly the same

  4. kong kahn April 2, 2010

    Ch*t is P**sy.. who knew!

  5. abhishek April 3, 2010

    again a CIP ..fed of this CIPs all over …on top of this they publish CIP as CIP …

  6. Seriously So much CIP all around

  7. chutiyaps in progress

  8. FN forever... June 29, 2011

    rofl… loved it!