New Delhi. Kunwar Pratap, a 31-year-old unmarried (and purportedly virgin) man has expressed deepest suspicion over the way matrimonial sites like or carry out their business. Kunwar believes that the employees, especially the men, working for such sites are ‘hoarding’ all the beautiful girls’ profiles before releasing them in public. Kunwar has written a letter to the President of India to look into this urgent matter.

“I see so many beautiful girls out there when I go into any multiplex. Almost 77% of the girls I see are beautiful and attractive, but the moment I start searching on, I see the trend reversed there. I’m sure even beautiful girls want to get married, so where are they? I guess there is some scam behind it. We unmarried people are getting a raw deal and the government must look into it.” Kunwar told Faking News.

Where are the missing girls?

Where are the missing girls?

Kunwar suspects that men working for matrimonial sites don’t make the profiles, especially the pictures, of the beautiful girls available to the general public unless they have exhausted their own options. He pointed out that among the few beautiful girls he could contact on, an overwhelming majority of them politely rejected him saying they had already finalized the rishta elsewhere and he was a bit late. He suspected foul play by the employees in such cases.

“How come I was late each time? These guys must be first contacting these beautiful girls for their own marriage, or they might be acting on behalf of their friends, or who knows they might be even taking bribe from the rich but unmarried guys to hunt beautiful nubile girls for them. I am not accusing the whole website to be running this shady business, but trust me there is something fishy out there.” Kunwar argued.

Kunwar believes that the culprits should be booked under The Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Act, 1969. He has already acted on this urgent matter and written a letter to the President. He has also sent a copy of the same letter each to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, CJI of the Supreme Court, Consumer Courts, Ministry of Health and Family Planning, Department of Information Technology, and the Editorial head of India TV.

To his delight and relief, India TV was the quickest to take notice of his letter and got in touch with him. Apparently India TV will be broadcasting a program titled “dulhano ke dakait” (burglars of brides) tonight on this serious issue.

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  1. Hemant says:

    The truth is out–only paid members get to see profiles of the hotties..well, doesn’t that make asimilar to some other webcam websites??

  2. soniya says:

    actually its a real problem…..if you really want a good bride only solution is :

    Hire a detective agency
    stand outside every girls colleges for 2 weeks
    choose girls u fancy …and ask detective to find her background info…
    Then find links who can introduce you to the girls parents/girl…
    put up a good profile of yours…
    approach the girl /girls parents…and keep repeating till you succeed.

    remember (cost per girl back ground info Rs 10 k ) its a costy option …

    Your parents should have good reputation, and huge money and open mind towards this idea.

    1. Sach says:

      ha ha, Interesting…and that too a girl suggesting something like this…Did you meet your price charming like that or is it just ur wild imagination ?

  3. Ramesh says:

    Btw who is this girl in pic? Has she finalized the RISHTA or our Kunwar Pratap could contact her?

  4. KATIL HASINA says: